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PREMIERE: Watch Nigel Kennedy 'Vivaldi: The New Four Seasons' -

PREMIERE: Watch Nigel Kennedy's Updated Summer of Vivaldi (Sony Classical) >>

Here in the dog days of summer, two and a half decades removed from his record-selling album of Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons' (EMI), Classicalite premieres the first video for violinist Nigel Kennedy's exciting new "rewrite" on Sony.

Fused Muse Ensemble Draws Attention to Environmental Issues Through Music, Dance and Video at Constellation in Chicago

Green with Frenzy: How Classical Music Is Inciting Millennials to Stand Up for the Environment >>

Wisconsin's own Jon Becker is like many of his baby boomer brethren, in that he wants to inspire a new age and generation of young people to fight global issues such as climate change and water shortage.

Heirs of Duke Ellington Estate Seek 50% Compensation of Late-Jazz Composer's Foreign Sales, Sources Say

Heirs of Duke Ellington Estate Seek 50 Percent Compensation of Late-Jazz Composer's Foreign Sales, Sources Say >>

The highest court in the New York area (where's Monty Python when you need it?) is gearing up to hear arguments posted by heirs to jazz legend Duke Ellington in a recent lawsuit with EMI. The suit is to regain half the royalties of Ellington's foreign sales, which EMI has claimed authenticity to.

Classicalite's Five Best: Carlo Bergonzi Recordings

Classicalite's Five Best: Carlo Bergonzi Recordings >>

Classicalite contributing editor James Inverne states his case, with videos, for the five best Carlo Bergonzi recordings.

Classicalite Recording News: Aurora Orchestra Signs to Warner Classics for Three-Album Deal, Feat. Ives, Adams, Muhly, Paul Simon >>

Warner Classics has signed the U.K.'s Aurora Orchestra to a three-album deal. This is the first announced signing for Warner under the new regime (since the acquisition of what was the EMI and Virgin Classics catalogs, and an artists and repertoire process that is now run by Alain Lanceron and Jean-Philippe Roland, both from the EMI ranks).

56th Annual Classical GRAMMY Nominations Announced (as Quixotic as Ever!) >>

The Grammy nominations are out, and as often happens, the list is rather rife with surprises, with what might have seemed more central fare often edged out (with telling exceptions such as Simon Rattle's 'Rite of Spring'). Relatively small labels like 2L and ArtistShare have multiple nominations, while indie giants like Harmonia Mundi, Hyperion and BIS getting few or one. Or none.

Classicalite’s 8 Best: Musical Works for Chanukah >>

Expecting a Classicalite's Five Best? It's Chanukah! And even though there's a shocking paucity of decent music for this particular Jewish festival, 8 is indeed the number...

Classicalite's Five Best: Richard Wagner Recordings

Classicalite's Five Best: Richard Wagner Recordings >>

Wagner's epic operas are rather long for you to plough through all the available recordings looking for favorites, so don't worry, we've done it for you.

Classicalite Recording News: Debussy Google Doodle Causes Upsurge in CD Sales >>

A rather lovely story from the good fellas at Google. Their recent Google Doodle marking the anniversary of Debussy's birth (his 151st, since you ask) was a hit for the classical recording industry.

Classicalite's Five Best: EMI Recordings

Classicalite's Five Best: EMI Recordings >>

Indeed, EMI Classical has been one of the most vital forces for recorded classical music for several decades, releasing hundreds of classic recordings from, well, take your pick.

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