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Female Composers

Marin Alsop

Suby Raman, Ricky O'Bannon Quantify Gender Binary in Classical Spectrum, What's Killing Classical, More >>

An always-interesting statistic lies in the gender binary in the classical music. Suby Raman, a composer and programmer, developed a stellar infographic for the male-vs.-female question in the composing circle. The number of female composers, as he noted, resonated most online — and it is not difficult to understand why. If you want to delve into the statistic even further, there is also a good graphic, to denote male/female conductors: For the wondrous spirit in us all, classical music, believe it or not, has been quantified before in a similar fashion. The infographic here, coming from Classicalite favorite Ricky O'Bannon, blankets the entire genre and provides a statistical analysis of classical in general for the 2014-15 season:

WQXR's Newest Installment 'Female Composers' to Premiere on Q2's '24 Hours on the 24th' This August

WQXR's Newest Installment of 'Female Composers' to Premiere on Q2's '24 Hours on the 24th' This August >>

Earlier this summer, WQXR polled a series of listeners asking what their favorite idea would be for a 24-hour, new-music marathon. After a back-and-forth race, the contest concluded that the majority or people wanted Female Composers.

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