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BBC Presents Doc on the Theft, Recovery of Lipinski Stradivarius Violin >>

Though many stories have hit the hearts of classical music lovers in 2014, none shocked people as much as the theft and recovery of the Lipinski Stradivarius violin. Now, BBC will broadcast a documentary called "The Lipinski," detailing the events which lead to this worldwide news sensation. The story begins with Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Frank Almond, who walked out of Wisconsin performances with the rare Lipinski Stradivarius slung over his shoulder. At this point, a man got out of a van in the parking lot, tased Almond and stole the violin. The Strad, which was made by a 17th- and 18th-century Italian luthier named Antonio Stradivari, is said to be worth $5 million to $6 million. The reason for this high asking price is because there are only about 650 left in the world. Days went by without a trace of the Lipinski Stradivarius, which was on loan to Almond. The Milwaukee Police Department and the FBI worked quickly. At a local news conference one week after the theft, Police Chief Edward Flynn announced that they had safely recovered the Lapinski Strad. They had discovered it, undamaged, in a suitcase in an attic. Two men were arrested, including the mastermind behind the theft, who pleaded guilty this month to felony robbery.

Two Milwaukee Men, Universal Knowledge Allah and Salah Salahadyn, Charged with Theft of Ex-Lipiński Stradivarius Violin from Frank Almond >>

Two Milwaukee men have been charged with stealing the "ex-Lipiński" Stradivarius violin that was recovered by police on February 5.

UPDATE: Milwaukee Police Recover the "Ex-Lipiński" Stradivarius Violin Stolen from Frank Almond >>

Milwaukee Police have recovered the "Ex-Lipiński" Stradivarius stolen from Frank Almond, concertmaster of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, a source from the Milwaukee Police Department confirmed today.

BREAKING: Three People Arrested in Connection with Theft of Stradivarius Violin from Frank Almond of Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra >>

Milwaukee County prosecutors say that three people have been arrested in connection with the theft of the "Ex-Lipiński" Stradivarius violin, reported earlier today. Two men, ages 36 and 41, and a 32-year-old woman were arrested by Milwaukee police on the morning of February 3. All three suspects are Milwaukee-area residents.

READ: Statement from Owner of "Ex-Lipiński" Stradivarius Violin, Stolen from Frank Almond of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra >>

The owner of the "Ex-Lipiński" Stradivarius violin that was stolen from violinist Frank Almond last week has issued a statement about the theft. Far from expressing anger, she expresses concern for Almond and devastation that the theft occurred, saying to Almond, "First, I’m so happy that you are safe."

"Ex-Lipiński" Strad Worth $6 Million Stolen from Concertmaster Frank Almond of Milwaukee Symphony >>

Frank Almond, concertmaster of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, reported the theft of his "ex-Lipinski" Stradivarius violin on January 27, as he was walking back to his car after a concert. The violin, worth an estimated $6 million, was on loan to him from an anonymous benefactor.

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