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Galavant Joshua Sasse

‘Galavant’ Musical Star Joshua Sasse and Kylie Minogue Annouce Engagement >>

Good news for 'Galavant' fans. No, we still don’t know if there is going to be a third season of the Alan Menken Musical series. But it does look like 'Galavant'actor Joshua is going to live happily ever after. The 28-year-old actor and 47-year-old singer Kylie Minogue recently announced that are engaged to be married.


ABC ‘Galavant’ Season 2 Alternate Ending Revealed >>

ABC’s underloved musical series 'Galavant'slayed the cancellation bear and earned a second season. Now, fans are hoping beyond all hope that the series will make it past the bear one more time. The series starring Joshua Sasse, Timothy Osmond, Karen David, Vincent Jones, Mallory Jansen & Luke Youngblood became earned a cult following for its Mel Brooks-esque comedy and its amazing music from Disney and Broadway icon Alan Menken. Even if we do not get a third season, there still are few more bits of funny for us all to see. Recently, the official Facebook page for the show posted an “alternate ending featuring a gay wedding scenec between Galavant & Sid.


‘Psych’ Musical Lead Timothy Omundson to Broadway Icon Alan Menken [GALAVANT FINALE] >>

Alan Menken is one of the most well respected names in showbiz today. The acclaimed composer has the GOT parts of the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar,Tony), several times over. So one would hope that his work on ABC’s Galavant could earn him an Emmy or two. So you can imagine how intimidating and thrilling it must have been for actor Timothy Omundson to stand before the Disney and Broadway legend after shying away from musical theater for most of his adult life. Ahead of this weekend’s Season 2 finale of 'Galavant,' Omundson is opening up about how the musical episode of 'Psych' lead to him working with Menken.

Alan Menken

‘Galavant’s’ Timothy Omundson Talks Favorite Show Number From Composer Alan Menken >>

ABC’s musical comedy Galavant is perhaps one of the best things on TV that no one is watching. With music from famed Broadway and animation composer, Alan Menken (Beauty & The Beast, Little Shop of Horrors) and TV & film score composer Christopher Lennertz (Supernatural, Horrible Bosses), the show has everything a fan of musicals could want. The Season 2 finale airs this weekend and with it comes Timothy Omundson’s (Supernatural, Psych) favorite composition from the show.


Musical ‘Galavant’ Season 2 Finale: Can King Richards Timothy Omundson’s Beard Stop Cancelation? >>

There is only more two part episode of 'Galavant' Season 2 left and the big question is can the ABC musical escape the cancellation bear once again. If there is any beast out there great enough to slay the cancellation bear it has to bear Timothy Omundson’s King Richard beard.

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