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Glenn Gould

Glenn Gould

Gould's Goldberg Variations Go LIVE With Computerized Grand Pianos >>

Canadian pianist Glenn Gould would have loved the notion of computerized grand pianos. Notorious for rejecting live performance in pursuit of studio perfection, Gould's Goldberg Variations are a testament to his recording prowess. Yet, according to software entrepreneur John Q. Walker's TED Talk, not all audiophiles accept that studio production has secured complete and total optimization over musical output. Especially with respect to older, scratchier, and poorly mixed recordings, some still regard studio work as a stop-gap measure for the kind of experience only a live performance can give. Still, despite this seemingly anti-tech attitude, it may in fact be technology that restores live performing capabilities to long-departed performers.

Harry Treadaway

Harry Treadaway Breathes Life Into Frankenstein...with Glenn Gould? >>

Harry Treadaway stars as the fabled Mary Shelley character Dr. Victor Frankenstein in Showtime's 'Penny Dreadful,' alongside big 'Black Hawk' heartthrob Josh Hartnett as the Victorian-American Ethan Chandler. Classicalites, surely you've heard that famous shriek by Dr. Frankenstein when his masterpiece comes to life, but what you may not know is that the actor who plays the young doctor on premium cable, Britain's own Mr. Treadaway, likes to compile playlists of classical music to help him get into character. Treadaway says, "If I need to connect with the conversations I had initially, I can go back and listen to the music. It helps."

Apple and Glenn Gould, Techs Teach 'Bach: Goldberg Variations' to Students at Internal University

Apple and Glenn Gould, Techs Teach 'Bach: Goldberg Variations' to Students at Internal University >>

Glenn Gould's infamously eccentric persona and meticulousness in regard to detail are what Apple techs at its internal Apple University are teaching to students. While these characteristics are indicative of leadership qualities, indeed, it's also Gould's departure from convention that is the center of the debate.

'Classical Style' Takes a Humorous Approach Thanks to Steven Stucky's Latest 'Opera (of Sorts)' at the Ojai Music Festival

Charles Rosenkavalier: Denk and Stucky's 'Classical Style' Gets Humorous at Ojai Music Festival in California >>

The musical stylings of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven come under a close lens at Charles Rosen's The Classical Style.

Gramophone-Winning Pianist Jan Lisiecki, 18, Releasing Sophomore Album on Deutsche Grammophon >>

Earlier this week, 18-year-old Canadian pianist Jan Lisiecki was named Young Artist of the Year during the Gramophone Classical Music Awards 2013 in London. This award comes on the heels of news that Lisiecki has made his second recording on the Deutsche Grammophon label, of Chopin Études Op. 10 and 25, to be released in the U.S. on October 8.

50 Shades of Grey: The Classical Album

Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album - Bach, Aria from 'Goldberg Variations' (15x50) >>

Going track-by-track, in 50 words or less, through all 15 of E.L. James' favorite classical music. Today...Bach, Aria from 'Goldberg Variations' (15x50).

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