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Helene Grimaud

Helene Grimaud

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Water, it is the source of life and death. It is sustains and corrodes. When it pours outside our window, it torments us but also it comforts us, heals our weaknesses. If there is a greater power on earth, it has yet to be found. Water or lack thereof can bring a country, a state or a city to its knees faster than economic sanctions. Like many in the art world through the ages, French classical pianist Helene Grimaud is fascinated by water, as a muse, a metaphor and bringer of life. Her didactic approach to the project was due to her strong belief in environmentalism. Classicalite sat down to talk with Ms. Grimaud about water and Water.

Hélène Grimaud's New CD 'Water' (Deutsche Grammophon) is Her Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy

REVIEW: Hélène Grimaud, 'Water' (Deutsche Grammophon) >>

In her liner notes for her new Deutsche Grammophon record Water, French-born classical pianist Helene Grimaud notes, "The theme of this album is water: as a source of life and inspiration." Ms. Grimaud goes on to discuss her uniquely holistic project--a meditation of the contrasting incarnations of water. There is a lot to ponder and consider, yes, based largely on Grimaud's stated intentions and what the sound, itself, is saying. Water is a fascinating intellectual journey. And no, it's not a CD you will ever put on just for background noise.

Helene  Grimaud

Hélène Grimaud's Piano Expresses Her Passion >>

Artistic expression at its core is the most awkward form of expression. No one person, no matter who they are, will ever think they've gotten it completely right. Musical or verbal, it matters not. Artists spend their entire careers looking for that one fleeting moment when they get it right. Helene Grimaud is spurred to life by a drive. It summons itself through her piano. It is her voice and passion.

Steinway Hall to Move Locations from Historic 57th Street Location Near Carnegie Hall, Grimaud and Spektor Recant

Steinway Hall to Move Locations from Historic 57th Street Location Near Carnegie Hall, Grimaud and Spektor Recant >>

A grand piano is more than just an instrument or ornament, it's of a room and space all its own. And for that space on 57th Street near Carnegie Hall, Steinway Hall and main showroom for Steinway & Sons pianos, will close its doors on the historic location and move elsewhere.

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