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Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks ‘Hamilton’ Hip-Hop Roots >>

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s groundbreaking new musical, 'Hamilton,' has become on of the biggest things to ever hit Broadway.The show tells the story of Alexander Hamilton with a diverse cast and through hip-hop music. The show has been nominated for a Grammy Award. The cast will also perform live via satellite from their home theater at the Grammy ceremonies. Now Miranda is opening up about the shows use of hip-hop and how it fits perfectly with Hamilton’s story.

'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night - Arrivals And Curtain Call

Alexander Hamilton Bio Writer Ron Chernow Talks Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hit Hip Hop Broadway Musical >>

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s face is now so synonymous with Alexander Hamilton that you could put him on the ten dollar bill and no one would object. Where Miranda is the man who wrote the musical about 'Hamilton,' Ron Chernow is the man who literally wrote the book on Alexander Hamilton. And by book we mean biography that the musical was based on. Now, Chernow is opening up about the hot new hip hop Broadway musical.

Black Violin at Summer Groove

LIVE REVIEW: Classical Hip-Hop Fusion Duo Black Violin Sweep the Rockwood >>

Steeped in classical training and glued to the stage---they noted that their 8/17 show at the Rockwood Music Hall was their 103rd of the year---it would be inaccurate to say that Black Violin is "throwing out the rulebook". Still, the impish delight with which Kev Marcus hyped his audience on Monday night suggested an insatiable penchant for mocking expectations.

WATCH JIMEK-Led Polish National Radio Symphony Performs Hip Hop-Hits Medley

WATCH: JIMEK-Led Polish National Radio Symphony Performs Hip Hop-Hits Medley >>

Whoever said that hip hop and rap music lacked class can eat their heart out. Conductor Radzimir Debski (JIMEK) led the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra through a mash-up of rhythmic classics, touching on a generation who loves everyone from Wu-Tang to the contemporary Kendrick Lamar.

Death Grips

Hip Hop Group Death Grips Releases Surprise Instrumental Album Titled "Fashion Week" >>

Underground experimental hip hop group and all-around internet mystery, Death Grips, has released a collection of instrumental tracks titled 'Fashion Week.'

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