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NBC ‘Hairspray Live’ Musical Producers Talk Race Relations and Their History with The Broadway Hit >>

This winter NBC is taking us back to the 60’s with a live tv musical production of 'Hairspray.' The show will be produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron who in addition to producing last year’s musical 'The Wiz Live,' also produced the 2006 film version of 'Hairspray.' Now Zadan and Meron are opening up about the reasons why they decided to go back to 'Hairspray' noting the nation's growing problems regarding race relations.

'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night - After Party

Lin-Manuel Miranda Tweets First Look of ‘Hamilton the Revolution’ Book >>

Lin-Manuel Miranda loves musicals. He doesn’t just go see the shows and listen to the soundtracks, but he fully immerses himself into the story behind the story. Recently, Miranda announced that a history of 'Hamilton' the Broadway Show would be released. Now thanks to Twitter we are getting our first look at the new book 'Hamilton the Revolution.' The new book about how the hit show came to Broadway, will also feature lyrics for the shows songs. A complete score for the show will be published separately at a later time. .

'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night - After Party

Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks Grammy History: Ricky Martin, Elton John & Eminem Before ‘Hamilton’ Broadcast >>

It was recently announced that Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical 'Hamilton' was going to perform at the Grammy Awards ceremonies on Feb 15. This will be the eighth musical theater performance at the Grammys. However, this time is a bit different. The cast will be performing from their theater in NYC, while the Grammy’s will be broadcasting from L.A. Now Lin-Manuel Miranda is opening up about making Grammy history. Miranda is also discussing some the most memorable moments from Grammys past including Ricky Martin's “Cup of Life’ performance and Eminem and Elton John’s “Stan,” collaboration.

Beethoven's Signature

Rare Beethoven Sketch Leaf of the 'King Stephan Overture' Discovered in Connecticut >>

The handwriting of Beethoven can be indentified by its furious and sloppy appearance. Hardly meant for future generations to admire, notation was an inconvenience to Beethoven---a means to capture music as quickly as it came to him. To composers and appraisers like Brendan Ryan, Beethoven's handwriting is, as he put it, "unmistakable", but for homeowners who might not know the value of their basement treasure troves, his handwriting could easily be dismissed as worthless chicken scratch. In the case of a Greenwich, Connecticut homeowner, who had originally hired Ryan to appraise furniture and miscellaneous items, fortune stumbled their way as Ryan unexpectedly glanced upon a Beethoven sketch leaf of the King Stephan Overture (König Stephan) hanging on their wall.

The British Library

The British Library’s ‘Save Our Sounds’ Program Creates Directory of UK Sound Collections >>

The long-feared deterioration of the world's sound collections is a coming to a head with the British Library's last-ditch initiative called "Save Our Sounds". The initiative began in January 2015 with a survey that called upon archivists from across the UK to report their sound collections to the British Library before the ravages of time can further mar the fragile media formats.

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