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Hristo Vitchev Quartet

Hristo Vitchev

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Hristo Vitchev deserves to be heard. His website describes him as an impressionistic, modern jazz guitarist. However, one listen of his new CD In Search of Wonders, you are struck by the timelessness of Mr. Vitchev's music. The guitarist fronts a tightly structured quartet that features him on guitar, Jasnam Daya Singh on piano, Dan Robbins on bass and Mike Shannon on the drums. In real life, they are four different individuals but, as a band, they are one, as Mr. Vitchev will be the first to tell you.

Hristo Vitchev

REVIEW: Hristo Vitchev Quartet, 'In Search Of Wonders,' Self-Released >>

Like the 19th-century Parisian art movement known as impressionism spearheaded by Claude Monet [1840-1926], jazz impressionism is one of suggestion within an atmospheric environment that lets the listener's ear interpret the timbre, tonality, different chord combinations and exotic scales with one's own inner sense of logic. Enter the Hristo Vitchev Quartet's self-released 'In Search Of Wonders,' an impressionistic double-album of the highest order.

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