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Cellist Jeffrey Zeigler

REVIEW: Cellist Jeffrey Zeigler (Ex-Kronos Quartet) 'Something of Life' (Innova) >>

The album's stirring mix of imagery, techniques, atmospheres and rhythms speaks to a level of creative ambition worthy of the cellist's virtuosity, perhaps not surprising in a veteran of the Kronos Quartet's musical adventures.

Bernd Klug

REVIEW: Bernd Klug, 'Cold Commodities' (Innova) >>

This unorthodox composer knows how to make the spaces and frequencies of the double bass ring out in novel and non-traditional but expressive ways.

Philip Blackburn

REVIEW: Philip Blackburn's 'Music of Shadows' >>

There's something terrifically appealing about making use of acoustic spaces normally hidden. It's like exploring a hitherto unmapped cave complex.

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