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Jackie McLean

Kris Allen

REVIEW: Kris Allen, 'Beloved,' Truth Revolution Records >>

Jackie McLean disciple Kris Allen's 'Beloved' (Truth Revolution Records) proves his writing chops are as etched in stone as his ability to lead a band, and insinuate his sax voice in, over, under and around that of his bandmates. The result is 10 original tracks of startling creativity that underscores his distinct sense of jazz history as he quotes not only from his favorites, but from the favorites of his favorites.

Steven Lugerner

REVIEW: Jacknife, 'The Music of Jackie McLean,' Primary Records >>

'The Music Of Jackie Mclean' never sounded so good! As upsetting as that may sound to purists, Jacknife, led by San Francisco saxophonist Steven Lugerner, has dragged the late alto sax master into 2016 with these six gems recorded in Los Angeles, mixed in Oakland and released by Primary Records.

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