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Jason Moran

Jason Moran

Park Avenue Armory Announces 2016 Season Program >>

The Park Avenue Armory invites you Friday, February 26 at 7:30 p.m., to celebrate Black History Month at with their first conversation of the 2016 season, Two Souls, Two Thoughts: The Art of African American History. In conjunction with the Aspen Institute Arts Program, the Park Avenue Armory has gathered artists, writers and cultural commentators to share their unique, ongoing, and evolving engagements with African American history.

Watch Lawrence Brownlee and Jason Moran Sing for Life in Harlem Church

Watch Lawrence Brownlee and Jason Moran Sing for Life in Harlem Church >>

When the spheres of classical and jazz collide the effect is astounding. Opera singer Lawrence Brownlee and jazz pianist Jason Moran, who gathered for a performance in a Harlem crypt, united to sing a piece in tribute to the senseless deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and scores of others.

Miami City Ballet Appoints 'Strictly Ballet' Stars to Corps' 30th Season

Charles Lloyd & Jason Moran Performs with Alonzo King's LINES Ballets? >>

Once again Alonzo King's celebrated LINES Ballets will be collaborating with acclaimed jazz musicians. For four shows in April 2016, iconic tenor saxophonist, Charles Lloyd, will be teaming with pianist and composer Jason Moran and Kings dancers to combine the elegance of jazz with the beauty of ballet. The tour will also consist of another four shows at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, sans Lloyd and Moran due to their other touring commitments.

Village Vanguard, New York's Most Cherished Jazz Club, Turns a Mighty 80 Years Old

Village Vanguard, New York's Most Cherished Jazz Club, Turns 80 >>

In a nation full of monuments, of which President Barack Obama has been on a crusade to protect, there may be no city in the U.S. more historically rooted in Americana than New York City. But on a smaller scale, through a more narrow scope, it is the city's underground and word-of-mouth venues, the clubs like the Village Vanguard, that have yet to close -- or, for that matter, change. The jazz club has turned 80 years old.

Kris Bowers Guides YouTubers Down the Pathways of Piano Playing from the 1800s to Now, per NPR

Kris Bowers Teaches YouTubers the History of Jazz Piano Playing from the 1800s to Now, NPR Makes Corrections >>

YouTube can always secure a firm grip on the latest trending media. Perhaps one of those videos that has become a household, well, vid, is the "Evolution of Dance" phenomenon. You remember it, maybe fragments of a orange-shirt, jean-wearing dance virtuoso, taking you through the steps of dance history, in the most interesting way he can.

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