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John Taylor

Hayden Chisholm

REVIEW: Hayden Chisholm, 'Breve,' Pirouet Records >>

Some of most adventurous new jazz these days seems to be coming from Germany's Pirouet Records. Case in point is 'Breve' by altoist Hayden Chisholm, 40. His trio, also named Breve, with pianist John Taylor, 73, and bassist Matt Penman, 41, eschews drums for a more flowing sound not led by the dictates of percussion pushing the sound into regimented time signatures. Here, the musicians are free to flow and do so in strange, serene and captivating ways.

Just Like Pass: Guitar Virtuoso Roberto Moronn Pérez to Release Unrecorded Tracks from French Composers via the Segovia Archive

Guitar Virtuoso Roberto Moronn Pérez Releasing Tracks from French Composers via Andres Segovia Archive >>

Roberto Moronn Perez has released his latest performance of works from the "Andres Segovia Archive." A Spanish composer aside, Perez takes us to France and premieres some unrecorded works.

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