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Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews Directs ‘My Fair Lady’ 60th Anniversary >>

'My Fair Lady' is turning 60-years-old and their is one grand celebration being planned. The original 1956 production is being recreated at the Sydney Opera House in as much detail as possible. That is not all. Original Eliza Doolittle actress and musical icon, Dame Julie Andrews will be directing the production. Check the report below for all the latest details on the anniversary production.

Nielsen Says NBC's 'The Sound of Music' Telecast Drew 18.5 Million Viewers, the Highest Non-Sports Since 2009's 'ER' Finale >>

NBC's live telecast of the musical 'The Sound of Music' played to the tune of 18.5 million viewers, the Comcast Corp-owned broadcaster said on Friday, helping NBC inject some momentum into its entertainment division.

Favorite things get a twist in new U.S. TV version of 'Sound of Music'

Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer Lead Cast in NBC's Live, Nazi-Ridden Version of 'The Sound of Music' >>

Producers of a new version of the Oscar-winning musical 'The Sound of Music,' set for U.S. television next week, knew it would be a sacrilege to try and re-make the beloved 1965 movie classic starring Julie Andrews. And American country singer Carrie Underwood, who will star as the aspiring nun who brings song into the home of a strict Austrian widower, says she cringes when she hears the word "re-make."

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