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Lang Lang in Paris

EXCLUSIVE Lang Lang Debuts 'In Paris' Chopin-Tchaikovksy, Talks Hall of Mirrors and More

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The classical crossover smash, Lang Lang, has released his most recent disc to date, Lang Lang in Paris. The LP is heavily rooted in the pianist's affinity for Chopin and Tchaikovsky. In the package is an exclusive performance from Lang Lang in the Hall of Mirros at the Chateau de Versailles in Paris, also--where he feels the music is most authentic and where he felt the pieces were presented most accurately.

Lang Lang in Paris

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For us Classicalites, the intimate splendor of Chopin and Tchaikovsky's solo piano music still resonates well across the centuries. And the transcriptions. There's a kind of beauty, even a turmoil, inside its sounding realm, as well as outside of it.

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