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Marc Copland

Bobby Avey

REVIEW: Bobby Avey, 'Inhuman Wilderness,' Innervoice Jazz >>

For his fifth CD, pianist/composer Bobby Avey has turned his attention to societal ills and injustices, in other words, 'Inhuman Wilderness,' as he calls it. It's only the second release for the new Innervoice Jazz label, run by pianist Marc Copland out of New York City, and it's a brave avant-accessible work.

REVIEW: Gary Peacock Trio, 'Now This,' ECM Records

REVIEW: Gary Peacock Trio, 'Now This' (ECM Records) >>

There comes a point in time when you throw the stats out the window and just accept a new musical offering from a guy who's been there at every change since cool jazz gave way to free jazz in the late '50s/early '60s. Bassist Gary Peacock helped raise the bass bar by his exemplary playing in the combos of Paul Bley, Bill Evans and, especially, Keith Jarrett. Now 80, he refuses to rest on his considerable laurels. 'Now This' is his 40th appearance on an ECM album (almost half of them with Jarrett).

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