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PHOTOS: 'Joshua Bell: A YoungArts Masterclass' HBO Special Showcases Bach and Mendelssohn >>

While watching HBO's Joshua Bell: A YoungArts Masterclass, it is easy to see that it's all about the kids. The world-renowned violinist checks his ego at the door, focusing his efforts on Mendelssohn, Bach and his youthful ritornello, who clearly idolize their enthusiastic coach.

In The Mood: Power Metal Rockers, Accept, Reference Grieg's Morning Wood in Latest Release

In The Mood: Power Metal Rockers Accept Cover Edvard Grieg's 'Morning' on Latest Release >>

A resurgence of the power metal band Accept has gone over the heads of most listeners. A new release, however, stems away from the metal-ocalypse (slightly) and introduces an old tune we know and love: Edvard Grieg's "Morning Mood."

Some Kind of Monster: Metallica and Lang Lang (Langtallica?) Rehearse "One" for the 2014 Grammys >>

Metallica is a band that likes the video camera. A lot. But for a band who clearly over-documents (and has a new studio album forthcoming), footage of their practice sessions has proved surprisingly scarce. Until now...

WATCH: Metallica and Lang Lang Dominate All Other Grammy Performers with "One" >>

A more touching spectacle took place during the in memoriam segment--initiated by the first few bars of Lang Lang's Tchaik--despite misspelling Corey Monteith's name and excluding other revered names.

Lang Lang Mixes Prokofiev and Bartók with Rock 'n' Roll and Hip-Hop

GRAMMY: Lang Lang Mixes Prokofiev, Bartók with Rock 'n' Roll, Hip-Hop >>

The Chinese piano superstar has a very different take on the classical masters.

After Lang Lang Takes Grammys with Metallica, Sony Classical Releasing 'Happy Chinese New Years' EP >>

The Grammys will play host to a new invention of orchestral thrash this year, as the deft concert pianist Lang Lang will team up with metal pioneers Metallica. This wouldn't be the first time the heavy quartet paired up for an orchestral hybrid--"Carol of the Bells" being an earlier collaboration with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Lang Lang: Who is Metallica's Grammy's Performing Partner? >>

Metallica is nothing new for Grammy viewers, being one of the few bands to emerge from the dark depths of metal and gain mainstream awareness. Far fewer are familiar with Lang Lang, the classical pianist with whom Metallica will share the stage with during its Grammy Awards performance. Classical fans know Lang's name well, but hopefully they'll give us a break for offering a brief profile so the rest of the world can catch up.

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