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Monks of Norcia

Abbey's Tranquility Is Under Threat From Proposed New Road

Father Cassian Folsom and How the Monks of Norcia Became Best Selling Recording Artists >>

The Monks of Norcia are more than just a secular religion devoted to making great beer. Instead, they are sensitive musicians dedicated to restoring the town of Norcia with Gregorian chant--a form that was omnipresent in the region until 1810. Father Cassian of the Monks, an American, has now made himself and his fellow devotees best selling recording artists.

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Jackie Evancho, Lindsey Stirling Among Top Earners of 2015 for Classical Music >>

Having been released this week, Billboard has posted the SoundScan numbers of every album and artist that has sold a record this year. On the classical front, Andrea Bocelli, Lindsey Stirling, the Monks of Norcia, the Piano Guys, Jackie Evancho and more make the list of top contenders.

Exclusive Q and A with Father Cassian Folsom of Norcia Monks Talks Chart-Topper 'Benedicta' LP, Gregorian Chants and His Home Brew

EXCLUSIVE: Classicalite Q&A with Cassian Folsom of Norcia Monks >>

It seems, for lack of a better word, unconventional for an album of religious chants to take the number one spot on Billboard's Classical Traditional Chart in its first week of release. And it's even more unconventional that it has maintained the spot for two weeks straight.

Monks of Norcia

WATCH: Bendectine Monks of Norcia Chant Five Hours a Day, Then Brew Trappist Beer >>

According to Fr. Cassian Folsom, prior of the Benedictine monks of Norcia, "the monastic life is very plain and ordinary." Maybe that's why Folsom and his community there in northern Italy enjoy not only making hit records that best the likes of Taylor Swift, they also love brewing their own beer. Ensconced in the monastery, life for the Monks of Norcia is routine: "You get up, and you pray. You do your work, go to bed and then, the next day, you do the same," says Folsom.

Monks of Norcia

Birra Nursia: Monks of Norcia's New Album, 'BENEDICTA: Marian Chant,' Debuts at Number One...and Stays There! >>

Classicalite's favorite Benedictine community of monks from Norcia's new album, 'BENEDICTA: Marian Chant from Norcia,' not only debuted atop Billboard's classical chart, it's No. 1 for the second straight week. The record also garnered the top spot overall at Barnes and Noble, no doubt thanks to a wonderful campaign from Universal Music Classics.

Monks of Norcia

Benedictine Monks of Norcia Releasing Debut Album, 'Benedicta: Marian Chant,' on De Montfort/Decca/Universal >>

You, too, can discover the power, beauty and authenticity of The Monks of Norcia when De Montfort Music and Decca/Universal Classics release their major label debut recording, Benedicta: Marian Chant from Norcia, on June 2--featuring classic and never-heard-before chants alongside new compositions.

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