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Nazareth Mchsi-Gevorkian

Leonidas Kavakos Sues California Violion Shop Gevorkian Nazareth over $80,000 Broken Bow

Leonidas Kavakos Sues Gevorkian Nazareth Over $80K Broken Bow >>

Breaking the bow of violinist Leonidas Kavakos has landed a violin shop in Burbank, California, in hot water. The shop's owner, apparently, snapped the violinist's bow, which has been appraised at a massive $80,000. From Courthouse News comes a report that the incident happened in January 2013, when Kavakos brought the bow to the professional Gevorkian Nazareth Violins to get to the bottom of a most unnatural bend. Kavakos, thus, claims that once the owner began applying pressure, per WQXR, to "the Henry Bow, at which time the Henry Bow snapped in two pieces." The official complaint was filed last Friday, Jan. 2, in California Superior Court. The case has weight due to Kavakos's international fame, and it claims that Nazareth Mchsi-Gevorkian should have first heated the bow before applying pressure. A critically acclaimed and world-renowned piece, the Joseph Henry bow dates back to 1850. It is of high-class ornamentation, adorned with tortoise shell and silver and, unfortunately, is irreparably damaged. Having paid $77,350 — or 65,000 euros — obviously Kavakos would be a little, uh, perturbed.

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