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Fuller House Jodie Sweetin

'Dancing With The Stars' New Elimination Round >>

Tonight, 'Dancing With the Stars' is all new with an elimination episode. Check out the report below to see Jodie Sweetin's ('Fuller House') performance from last week ahead of the new round.

Wayne Brady Visits 'The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show'

‘White Rabbit Red Rabbit’ Performance Date Revealed Listed for ‘Kinky Boots’ Wayne Brady >>

Wayne Brady is used to performing without a script. The 'Kinky Boots' star came to fame on the hit improv series 'Whose Line is it Anyway.' So 'White Rabbit Red Rabbit' shouldn’t be too far out of Brady’s league. Brady is one the many talented and brave actors tackling the Off-Broadway production of Nassim Soleimanpour’s directorless play. Nathan Lane and Whoopi Goldberg have already performed the play. The schedule for Brady and many of the remaining performers has recently been listed.

Bechdel Test in a Red State: 'Fun Home' Musical Shares Stage With LGBTGA Debate at College of Charleston

United Nations Turns to ‘Fun Home’ To Help End LGBT Discrimination >>

If you tuned into last year’s Tony Awards or had the good fortune of seeing 'Fun Home' on Broadway, you know how powerful the show can be. But did you have any idea that it could help change the world? The UN has just used 'Fun Home' as a tool to promote LGBT rights in other countries. Representatives from 15 countries, including Russia, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay were treated to a special performance of the Broadway hit as part of campaign to help end discrimination across the globe.

Master Voices

Victoria Clark & Kelli O'Hara Reunite for ‘Dido and Aeneas’ After ‘A Light at The Plaza’ Cast Reunion Performance >>

It was recently announced the original cast of the hit Broadway musical 'A Light at The Plaza' will reunite for a special one night only reunion benefit performance for the Lincoln Center. Now, it has been revealed that Kelli O’Hara and Victoria Clark will also been reuniting for a brand new production of 'Dido and Aeneas.' The Opera written by Henry Purcell (music) and Nahum Tate (libretto), will also star Anna Christy and Elliot Madore. The production will also feature the world premiere of a companion piece by Michael John LaChiusa ('The Wild Party' *Broadway).


Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks ‘Hamilton’ Hip-Hop Roots >>

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s groundbreaking new musical, 'Hamilton,' has become on of the biggest things to ever hit Broadway.The show tells the story of Alexander Hamilton with a diverse cast and through hip-hop music. The show has been nominated for a Grammy Award. The cast will also perform live via satellite from their home theater at the Grammy ceremonies. Now Miranda is opening up about the shows use of hip-hop and how it fits perfectly with Hamilton’s story.

Turn and Face the Strange:

‘Lazarus’ David Bowie Honored At 2016 Grammys By ‘AHS: Hotel’s’ Lady Gaga [PERFORMANCE] >>

Music lovers all around the world shed a tear or 200 when it was revealed that David Bowie had passed away from cancer. There is no way that the Grammy Awards could go on without a tribute to legend. Now they have announced who they chose to honor Bowie. Grammy winning musician and Golden Globe winning actress ('AHS: Hotel') , Lady Gaga will perform a special tribute to Bowie at this year's ceremonies.

Josh Gad, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Kevin Hart

‘Book of Mormon's’ Josh Gad Lip Sync Battle As Donald Trump: Watch Full Performance Video Now >>

Josh Gad as Donald J Trump sure did a whole lot of touching himself on Thursday night’s hit VH1 show 'LIp Sync Battle'. Dressed as the Don complete with money shorts, Gad rode a wig covered wrecking ball on a stage full Donald Trump. Gad was performing to the Divinyls’ hit song “I Touch Myself,” completed his number by making out with 'The Big Bang Theory’s' Johnny Galecki, who was also dressed as Trump and was wearing a sombrero. The former 'Book of Mormon' actor was competing against Galecki Big Bang Theory co-star, Kaley Cuoco, who performed Britney Spears' song "I'm A Slave 4 U" with you guest it, a yellow python. You can check out the full video of both performances below, but be warned,you may never be able to think of 'Frozen’s' Olaf in the same way.

Jonas Kaufmann

Kaufmann Cancels Met Performance of 'Carmen' Due to Illness >>

Star tenor Jonas Kaufmann has canceled one of his two performances in the Metropolitan Opera’s highly awaited show 'Carmen.' Tickets to the performance were running for almost $1,000 on online ticket broker sites before the singer dropped out due to the flu.

Neil Greenberg

Neil Greenberg Presents Post-Modern Dance Performance Titled "This" Which Explores Meaning of Life >>

Neil Greenberg will be presenting a new post-modern performance titled "This," which will explore humanity's inevitable need to find meaning in life. The New York-based choreographer, who founded the company Dance in 1986, will use materials onstage as performers rather than representative props.

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