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Pete Seeger

Decemberists' Colin Meloy Announces New Children's Book About Pete Seeger for Summer 2017

Decemberists' Colin Meloy Announces 'The Golden Thread' - New Kid's Book About Pete Seeger >>

Decemberists' own Colin Meloy has announced that he will continue his series of children's books with the next iteration to arrive in summer 2017. The next installation is entitled "The Golden Thread" and will be a picture biography about the late folk archetype, Pete Seeger.

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Pete Seeger Was Part of Secret FBI Investigation Before Senator McCarthy >>

It's no secret that the late-Pete Seeger was subject to Senator Joe McCarthy's red scare tactics. But it's been reported that the musician was listed earlier than he let on. In a publicly obtained FBI report, it appears the feds were spying on Seeger even when he was enlisted in the Army.

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Lowenthal Talks New Book 'Dance of Death: The Life of John Fahey' and the Rebellious and Uncontested Guitar Phenom

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Lowenthal Talks New Book 'Dance of Death: The Life of John Fahey' >>

"This is not rock 'n' roll. It's not pop music. It's not folk music; it's this sort of transcendental guitar music," Steve Lowenthal emphatically tells me over the phone. And, indeed, his new book, Dance of Death: The Life of John Fahey, details the style (and story) of perhaps this country's most influential "American primitive" guitarist.

Blowin' In the Wind: Pete Seeger, Grandfather Folkie and Author of "If I Had a Hammer," Dies at Age 94 >>

The grand-father of the folk movement, singing troubadour to Masters of the Universe and college youths alike, author of America's folk standard "If I Had a Hammer--Pete Seeger--passed away this Monday at New York's Presbyterian Hospital. He was a "mighty" 94 years old.

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