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Ridgeway Records


REVIEW: Opaluna, 'Opaluna,' Ridgeway Records >>

A meeting of minds, cultures and genres has resulted in the self-titled debut of Opaluna (Ridgeway), a stirring duo combining samba, salsa, rock, folk, swing, modern jazz and world into a cohesive whole. Mexican-American guitarist Luis Salcedo and Columbian vocalist Susana Pineda's 10-track hour should blow your mind as the hippies of their home town of San Francisco liked to say.

Jeff Denson Quartet

REVIEW: Jeff Denson Quartet, 'Concentric Circles,' Ridgeway Records >>

Jeff Denson, 39, might be too brilliant for his own good. The music he writes on 'Concentric Circles' (Ridgeway Records) is so difficult to play-and oftentimes to listen to-that one must clear away the detritus of everyday life to make room for it in your brain's ear.

Alan Hall

REVIEW: Ratatet, 'Arctic,' Ridgeway Records >>

Ratatet's 'Arctic' debut (Ridgeway Records) comes out of San Francisco fully formed. OK, fine, hold a gun to my head and I'll have to admit it's jazz. But with a front line consisting of trombone and electric bassoon, the SOUND is so scintillatingly different and passionate, let's for once throw away the concept of genre, shall we?

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