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Sam Rivers

Rocco John

REVIEW: Rocco John Quartet, 'Embrace the Change,' Unseen Rain Records >>

There's no telling where Rocco John Iacovone will go. The sax man studied under Lee Konitz and Sam Rivers. In the case of the latter, John has successfully taken the Rivers dictum (if they can't understand it, go even further!) and whittled away at it, sanding it down, putting on a coat of varnish, to ultimately let his listeners alternately swoon and get excited. 'Embrace The Change' (Unseen Rain Records) is more than a CD title. It's good life advice.

Joseph Daley

REVIEW: Joseph Daley, Warren Smith and Scott Robinson, 'The Tuba Trio Chronicles' >>

The new year brings new music that questions the very existence of a set of parameters used to define and categorize the concept of free jazz. Simply stated, 'The Tuba Trio Chronicles' (Joda Music) is, in actuality, Joseph Daley on tuba, Warren Smith on drums and Scott Robinson on saxophone, but that enticement is woefully inaccurate. For it is the ghost of Sam Rivers [1923-2011] and his original Tuba Trio, that permeates the proceedings.

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