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Sex Pistols

Guy Forsyth

REVIEW: Guy Forsyth Punks Blues on 'The Pleaser' >>

Guy Forsyth, an Austin bar room hero, plays guitar, harmonica, ukulele and singing saw. For his eighth studio album, 'The Pleaser,' he's reverted back to the blues where he blows that harp and sings his own profanity-laced songs of lust. You can call it Punk Blues.


PHOTOS: 'Joshua Bell: A YoungArts Masterclass' HBO Special Showcases Bach and Mendelssohn >>

While watching HBO's Joshua Bell: A YoungArts Masterclass, it is easy to see that it's all about the kids. The world-renowned violinist checks his ego at the door, focusing his efforts on Mendelssohn, Bach and his youthful ritornello, who clearly idolize their enthusiastic coach.

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