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Soprano Sarah Brightman Plans to be First Diva to Sing on ISS Space Adventure, Spends $52 Million

Soprano Sarah Brightman Plans To Be First Diva To Sing on ISS Space Adventure, Spends $52 Million >>

Perhaps one of the world's most famous sopranos, Sarah Brightman, announced a while back that on Sept. 1 she will be on board Soyuz flight TMA18M bound for the International Space Station hundreds of miles above Earth. And now she discusses what that means for her career.

Han Ye-Jin

Han Ye-Jin Appointed General Director of The Korea National Opera >>

The Korea National Opera has appointed Han Ye-Jin as the companies new general director.

 Dimitra Theodossiou

Greek Soprano Dimitra Theodossiou on Board Burning Ferry >>

Greek opera star Dimitra Theodossiou is reported to have been one of the 478 people among the burning ferry "Norman Atlantic" in the Mediterranean Sea. Theodossiou was rescued by helicopter and taken to the hospital in Lecce, but is safe and located in Rimini, Italy. The ferry caught fire Sunday, Dec. 28, en route to Ancona, Italy, from the Greek port of Patras. But the boat workers are undergoing criticism for how they handled the emergency situation. Theodossiou described a harrowing wait for rescuers on the bridge of the ship. She said men had rushed forward from lower decks, even after being told to “give precedence to children, the elderly and women.” “They pulled people away, pushing people aside to save themselves,” she said. “I was also struck, but I reacted to get to the helicopter, I had rage inside. I thought, it’s now or never. It was awful. I will never forget it.” She told the newspaper that no alarms had sounded and that she awoke in her first-class cabin after smelling smoke. Initially, she said, she went to the lower deck because the lifeboats were there.

Sol3 Mio

Sol3 Mio's Pene Pati Proposes to Girlfriend Amina Edris, Live on Stage >>

Pene Pati of the hit singing group Sol3 Mio proposed to his girlfriend, soprano Amina Edris, live on stage at a Sol3 Mio concert in Auckland, New Zealand, Dec. 21. Audiences got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at Sol3 Mio’s "Christmas in the Vines" show. After serenading Edris with the beautiful German aria "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz," he brought members of their families on stage to present her with red roses before bending to one knee and asking her to marry him. "The proposal was a big surprise for Amina and when the moment came to do it, I took a big gulp and knew there was no going back," Pati said. "I had no Plan B if she said no in front of thousands of people, but I was quietly confident it would all go well.” Lucky for him, Edris, who had charmed the audience with her own performances earlier in the evening, said yes as the crowd cheered and waved glow sticks to congratulate the couple. The couple met in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2011 on a week-long singing course backed by Kiwi opera legend Dame Malvina Major. Pati was then an unknown tenor and Edris was also trying to get her foot in the door as a singer.

Tamar Iveri

Disgraced Soprano Tamar Iveri Performs at Anti-Abuse Concert >>

Disgraced Georgian soprano Tamar Iveri performed at an anti-violence charity concert last night in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. The performance marks the first stage in the singer's attempt to rebuild her international career, after gaining worldwide criticism for homophobic comments made on her Facebook page last year. Iveri posted a letter on her Facebook page and addressed it to then-Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili May 18, 2013, the day after Orthodox Christian groups violently assaulted participants in a gay pride march in Tbilisi. The letter reportedly included the following statements: "I was quite proud of the fact how Georgian society spat at the parade" and "Please, stop vigorous attempts to bring the West's 'faecal masses' in the mentality of the people by means of propaganda." In a series of conflicting statements, Iveri subsequently claimed that either her husband wrote the offending post or that the couple had worked on it in tandem. Either way, following "Limelight’s" breaking of the story in June and the notoriety Iveri gained from the comments, the Georgian soprano was forced to exit her contracts with Brussels’s La Monnaie and other opera companies.

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