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Symphony No. 5

REVIEW: Leon Botstein's The Orchestra Now Performs 'Beethoven's Likes' at Carnegie Hall

REVIEW: Botstein's Orchestra Now All Thumbs-Up, in 'Beethoven's Likes' at Carnegie Hall >>

The Orchestra Now (TON) is simple in its message and delivery: bringing orchestral music to new ears. These ears, though, are of a more youthful generation, or at least that was the demographic of Friday night's performance at Carnegie Hall, January 29. Real classical--heavy in its presence, unyielding in its impact--is what provides the foundation for music with substance. Apropos, Leon Botstein led a pitch-perfect program of Cherubini curio and Beethoven warhorse, buttressed by premieres of Ferdinand Ries and one Anton Reicha.

Leon Botstein's American Symphony Orchestra Will Demystify Classical Music >>

The American Symphony Orchestra's "Classics Declassified" series presents an intelligent and insightful journey into classical masterworks, led by music director Leon Botstein. Each concert begins with a lively discussion in which Botstein and the orchestra shed new light on a different classical masterpiece--followed by a performance of the work, itself.

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