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Tadd Dameron

Ferit Odman

Drummer Ferit Odman Releases 'Dameronia With Strings' on New Equinox Music CD [REVIEW] >>

Tadd Dameron [1917-1965] came out of Cleveland a piano-playing teenager and was soon writing and arranging in New York City for Count Basie. It's his "Hot House" that helped make Charlie Parker famous, and he also greatly helped and inspired Dizzy Gillespie. He co-led a 1949 band with Miles Davis in Paris. In 1956, he recorded "Mating Call" and gave an unknown sax player named John Coltrane his big break. 'Dameronia With Strings' (Equinox Music & Entertainment) is the brainchild of drummer Ferit Odman, from Istanbul, Turkey.

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