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Lonely Tree

Are Creative Types Lonely? Boston College's Spencer Harrison Conducts Employee Survey >>

If history's our guide, one wonders: are creative types lonely? As lovers of art, we often become so infatuated with the talents and genius of creative types that we forget what they might be sacrificing in order to keep their art flowing. The Boston Globe’s Ruth Graham wrote a hard-hitting piece concerning the common shroud of loneliness shared by many creative types.

Jazz Heavyweight Fred Hersch Recounts Harrowing Medical Ordeal in New DVD 'My Coma Dreams'

Jazz Heavyweight Fred Hersch Recounts Medical Ordeal in 'My Coma Dreams' >>

For renowned jazz pianist Fred Hersch, a medical ordeal has become the topic of his new DVD "My Coma Dreams," a single actor-driven theater piece accompanied in large part by instrumental music. The disc comes out Monday, Dec. 8, in recognition of World AIDS Day. A most unfortunate medical peril, the 90-minute narrative covers the eight dreams Hersch recalled after regaining consciousness from a coma in 2008. And after he was rehabilitated, he conveyed the surreal dreamscape to his friend, librettist and composer Herschel Garfein. If you were not aware, back in June 2008 Hersch fell ill and was confined to his bath tub, where he was rushed to the hospital immediately. Once he reached St. Vincent's Hospital in Greenwich Village, he was in septic shock. The doctors diagnosed him with pneumonia and organ failure, and he was induced into a coma for eight weeks. Nine months later he had made a full recovery, and by January was playing at the Village Vanguard — quite the resilient composer.

Nelsons to Boston

Boston Symphony Orchestra Names Andris Nelsons New Music Director >>

Earlier this morning, Andris Nelsons, the young and fiery Latvian conductor, was appointed to the top spot with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Nelsons is the orchestra's 15th music director, succeeding James Levine.

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