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The Column: Five Great Modern Operas That the New York Times Music Staff Missed! >>

The New York Times has published an interesting piece, their classical music writers giving their thumbs-ups to the modern operas they consider the most likely candidates for perennial popularity. Which, in opera terms, means at least a production every year or two, somewhere, we'd guess. Among their choices were some fine works but, perhaps inevitably, the list felt incomplete. It was bound to, and there's the fun

Beethoven’s 'Moonlight Sonata' No. 14, Op. 27...the Kobe Bryant, NBA 2013 Version >>

Kobe Bryant, superstar basketball player, apparently likes to relax with a bit of Beethoven--played, at least sometimes, by himself. He's even appeared in a Lenovo commercial tinkling the ivories in music by the composer, although, strangely, when Classicalite went to YouTube to grab the vid to share with you, it had been taking down pending a copyright-related complaint.

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