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Kyung Wha Chung

Violinist Kyung Wha Chung Yells at Coughing Child During Performance >>

World-renowned violinist Kyung Wha Chung sent audience members into an awkward frenzy after publicly berating the parents of a coughing child during her performance at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Chung, from South Korea, is hailed as a violin prodigy but has been retired for some time, partly due to a finger injury. This show was her first London performance in 12 years. But during this show, the 66-year-old violinist lashed out at a child who was coughing during her performance of Mozart’s "Sonata in G." “Maybe bring her back when she’s older,” she rebuked to the child’s parents. Then, audience members say, she continued looking back in the general direction of the coughing child for the next 20 minutes. Anna Picard, music critic for "The Times," said the atmosphere in the hall had already been tense, such was the anticipation surrounding the violinist's comeback.

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