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Wycliffe Gordon

Gus Spenos

REVIEW: Gus Spenos, 'If You Were Gold Baby,' Self-Released >>

Time for fun. If you want to jump, jive and wail, you could, of course, turn to Louie Prima. But he's dead. Gus Spenos is alive...wonderfully, wildly alive. This Indiana neurologist has self-released 'If You Were Gold Baby' and he's garnered big-time trombonist Wycliffe Gordon to blow and arrange as the feather in this hat of swing, blues and boogie.

Svetlana & The Delancey Five

Enjoy a 'Night At The Speakeasy' With Svetlana & The Delancy Five [REVIEW] >>

Downtown in New York City and right behind Ratner's Deli on Delancey Street is one of two remaining Manhattan speakeasies still operating from the days of prohibition, The Back Room, on Norfolk Street. It is said that gangsters Meyer Lansky [1902-1983] and Charles "Lucky" Luciano [1897-1962] used to hang out there. Its house band for the past three years has been Svetlana & The Delancey Five. If you can't make the scene, you can hear them anyway on their new 'Night at the Speakeasy' (Origin/OA2 Records).

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