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Bollywood Film 'PK' Battles Religious Controversy with Hindus; Aamir Khan Criticized >>

The new Bollywood blockbuster "PK" is brewing some serious controversy after Hindu groups have come out saying the movie insults their religious sentiments. The film has earned more than $33 million in the 10 days since it opened and shows a funny and lovable alien who lands in India and loses contact with his spaceship, but discovers that Indians are superstitious about their gods and surround themselves with all kinds of swindling Hindu religious gurus. But on Monday, Dec. 29, angry groups burnt effigies of the film’s director and actor, tore and blackened movie posters and shattered the glass walls at the movie ticket counters. Calls to boycott the movie dominated social media groups this weekend. Popular yoga guru Baba Ramdev urged Hindus to boycott the movie and “organize themselves to protect their religion and culture just like Muslim and Christian groups do.” The Vishwa Hindu Parishad — or World Hindu Council — a Hindu nationalist group and an affiliate of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s political party, wrote to the country’s information and broadcasting ministry demanding that such movies be stopped and called for an overhaul of the censor board that cleared "PK."

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