Kansas City Libertarian Activist Confesses To Child Molestation According To Facebook Post

By James Knight on Jan 23, 2015 04:09 PM EST

Warning this article contains an alleged shocking confession of child molestation. It contains sensitive material that may trigger some readers, as well as screenshots of Facebook post that contains foul and lewd language: Late Thursday night, a shocking post appeared on the Facebook page of libertarian activist Brad Spangler. The unconfirmed post, believed to be from Spangler himself, alleges that he molested his daughter, then 10 years old. The poster then goes on to claim that was going to turn himself into police.

The Facebook in question contains an alleged confession from Brad Spangler, which reads in part:

“During a particularly bad period in 2004, I molested my young daughter. I did not do so forcibly, but the betrayal of trust and resulting potential emotional fallout for her has weighed heavily on my conscience ever since.”

The post goes on to claim that fear of recently online activity being discovered was a contributing factor in Spangler wanting to turn himself in:

“With the laptop going in for warranty exchange, worries about discovery of which web sites I had visited and further questions that might raise convinced me that facing the currently dominant accountability process, regardless of what's right or wrong with it, is the best thing I can do for my daughter.”

Some defenders have been quick to point out that we do not know who actually made the post. However, there has been no retraction of the post, at the time of the this publication, have been made.

Other commenters have pointed out other post found on Spangler’s Facebook page that mention sex with minors:

We reached out to the Kansas City Police Department to help confirm the report, and as of 2:00 p.m. eastern time there was no one matching Spangler’s name in police custody.

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