Kid Rock's $20 Tour on 'Howard Stern,' Admits to Calling Child the N-Word

By Jonathan Lambert on Jun 19, 2013 06:47 PM EDT

Kid Rock appeared on Howard Stern this morning and made a few headlines. He got out the word about his $20 concert tour and said more things than he probably should have about using the n-word.

The first thing he did was attack Adam Levine and his band, Maroon 5:

"I thought they had a really cool band, that made some great rock n' roll...but now they're just making pop...When I'm speaking, I'm speaking on my personal opinion. A lot of people liked 'Moves Like Jagger,' it's not just for me."

Howard asked Rock if hanging out with Hank Williams was hard because he was anti-gay and made racial comments. Kid responded, thusly:

"We all use the n-word. We call each other the n-word all the time. We cut it up. My dentist's name is Taco. We say stuff like that all the time 'What's up my ni66er?' We're just living up pop-culture. We just call it like it is, like band members do in privacy."

When Howard asked Rock if he used the word in front of his child who is part black, Rock responded, "Why can't I say the n-word to him?"

His band seemed troubled by his comments, some of whom were black.

After that awkward exchange, Howard brought up The Rolling Stones, who were charging $650 per ticket at their last show. Both Howard and Kid felt the same way, that the price was ridiculous. Kid, as he is want to do, commented on their decision:

"With the Stones I just have to scratch my head. I say OK this really could be the last tour, after years of saying 'This is our last tour;' it could be. I would want to go out on a note and say 'Man, those guys are cool. They came out and played for a cheap price, for a fair price'...Some sort of system where you come out and say 'They are the coolest rock and roll band out there'..."

Howard agreed and praised Rock for lowering his concert rates and selling tickets for just $20. Rock is responsible for lowering more prices than just tickets. He went on to tell Howard that they have partnered with Live Nation to lower the prices of beer, food, parking and etc:

"We have gone out of our way...You can walk into a Wal-Mart and buy the ticket for $20, no fee. TicketMaster still charges $5 per ticket which is bulls***. I can't infiltrate them, I've tried. We asked them to charge something reasonable. For $24, it will include the parking. We've gotten beer down to $4 for a 12oz. I did it by taking on the risk myself. I do deals where if I bring out the people and make money, then I make a lot of money. Ticket sales are through the roof. I took a big gamble on doing this. So I went to LiveNation and we partnered on everything."

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