Zubin Mehta and the Bavarian State Orchestra Play for Peace in Kashmir [PHOTOS]

By Logan K. Young on Sep 09, 2013 04:34 AM EDT
1 (Photo : An Indian policeman patrols a street during a strike called by separatists against the concert by the Bavarian State Orchestra and renowned conductor Zubin Mehta.)
2 (Photo : Indian police search the belongings of Kashmiri men during a cordon and search operation ahead of the concert.)
3 (Photo : Indian police stop and frisk an entire line of Kashmiri men.)
4 (Photo : A full patrol of police flank the street.)
5 (Photo : Bavarian State Orchestra conductor Zubin Mehta speaks from the podium.)
6 (Photo : The BSO and Mehta performed on the outskirts of Srinagar on September 7, 2013.)
7 (Photo : The concert, "Ehsas-e-Kashmir," was organized by Germany's ambassador to India, Michael Steiner.)
8 (Photo : Herr Steiner told a news conference that the aim of the concert was to "reach the hearts of the Kashmiris with a message of hope and encouragement.")
9 (Photo : "Be sure this will be an issue in Germany." -- Nikolaus Bachler, general manager of the Bavarian State Orchestra)

Undettered by threats from Kashmiri separatists and other guerrilla groups, Bombay-born conductor Zubin Mehta went ahead with his concert for peace in India--"Ehsas-e-Kashmir" or "The Feel of Kashmir."

Of course, five people ended up wounded.

Now, both Michael Steiner, Germany's ambassador to India, and Nikolaus Bachler, general manager of the Bavarian State Orchestra, are crying afoul.

Here, then, are pictures from Mehta's scene, courtesy of intrepid Reuters photographer Danish Ismail.

This whole mess remind us of a line from another "Kashmir"..."with no provision but an open face, along the straits of fear."

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