Batffleck Backlash: Stan Lee and WB Comment on Ben Affleck Batman Casting Controversy in 'Man of Steel' Sequel

By James Knight on Sep 12, 2013 11:51 PM EDT

The Internet went ape when it was announced last month that Ben Affleck had been cast to play Batman in the upcoming 2015 sequel to The Man of Steel. The Warner Brothers CEO is now commenting on the controversy, and even Marvel Comic's Stan Lee had something to say about the Batffleck backlash.

CEO Kevin Tsujihara spoke with investors at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media Communications and Entertainment Conference, on Thursday about what to expect from Ben Affleck's Batman.

“[He will be] tired and weary and seasoned and been doing it for awhile. We think it’s going to be huge."

Unfortunately "tired and weary" is the perfect way to describe fans reaction to the news of the casting. Yes, Internet, Tsujihara has heard your cries of disapproval. He went on to address the issue:

“We think it’s the perfect springboard for Batman and Superman. Ben is perfect for the vision Zack has for that character. The fact that you saw such a passionate response in the blogosphere is really kind of a testament to the love that people have for this character.”

Investors should have little doubt about the security of any financial issues. Love it or hate it, a Batman and Superman movie is practicaly a license to print money. After all, the Man of Steel received mixed reviews but brought in over $660 million.

He also stressed Warner Brother's focus on its DC comics when making decisions to move forward.

Even Marvel comic's legendy writer and creater Stan Lee got into the action, telling The Wall Journal's Speakeasy blog:

“I’m one of the few people who think it’s a good idea. Ben Affleck is a good actor, and a good director, and I think he’ll surprise a lot of people.”

Don't worry fan boys and girls, even if the big wigs at WB don't understand your pain, we here on the Internet do. So go ahead, let it all out in the comments section below. We are here for you.

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