Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Cheating and Divorce Rumors Wane Before New Vegas Tour [TICKET INFO]

By Jonathan Lambert on Oct 30, 2013 11:26 AM EDT

Rumors that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are getting a divorce have seemed to calm down, just a week before they begin their New Vegas tour. Allegations that Tim cheated on Faith were largely discredited, and now the county couple are just focused on their extended tour at the Venetian. We’ve got all of the info on the show, including ticket price, tour dates and what you can expect.

For a few months, things got pretty rough for Tim and Faith. Week after week, the tabloids claimed that the longtime couple were ready to part ways.

This all started when National Examiner, one of the most discredited tabloids in existence, claimed that Tim cheated on Faith with Taylor Swift. Of course, things took a strange twist last week, when the publication decided to get Kenny Chesney involved in the nonsense:

"[FAITH] begged Kenny to talk with Tim and get him to stop humiliating her in public and start working on their marriage. All of Kenny's instincts were telling him to stay out of it. He argued with Faith, telling her that he and Tim have not been close lately. But Faith has also been Kenny's friend for many years and he could see she was frantic. [Chesney] eventually caved and told her he'd speak with Tim. Tim screamed, 'Stay away from Faith and keep your nose out of my business!'"

Tim didn’t really help matters when he appeared on the red carpet and on stage without his wedding ring. According to Hollywood Daily Life, this could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, as they quote a family friend who revealed:

“Faith is heartbroken that her family is falling apart, and she was just blown away that Tim would take his ring off. It was a declaration of war on Faith. He stared straight at the cameras and didn’t bother to hide the fact that his wedding band was off.”

In retrospect, this has proven to be false, as Tim and Faith recently announced some new, live performance dates at The Venetian in Las Vegas. This isn’t the first time that the couple has performed at the legendary Vegas landmark.

Like in the past, Tim and Faith will be performing at the venue for several months. The concerts begin on October 25 and run through April 12, mostly on weekends.

But if you’re thinking about attending, you may want to check out the price tag of the tickets.

You can attend the Friday, April, 11, 2014 show for as little as $117.25. If you want that deluxe concert experience, however, it’s gonna cost you--$1026.15.

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