The Broad Museum Launches Summer Sound and Art Series, 'Nonobject(ive)'

By Philip Trapp on Jun 07, 2016 10:59 AM EDT

Los Angeles' The Broad museum celebrates the summer with an avant-garde helping of sound, art and performance. "Nonobject(ive): Summer Happenings at the Broad" presents a series of art showings steeped in a progressive movement of creativity.

The intention for the string of events is to enliven various artworks stationed at the Broad with an invigorating combination of unique music and and dance recitals, forward-thinking original installations and an otherworld artistic ambience.

"Nonobject(ive)" runs all summer long, wrapping up in September. In addition to indoor exhibitions, many of the nighttime events will occur in the Broad's outdoor courtyard, incorporating the dusky Los Angeles twilight into the artistic theme.

The Los Angeles Times reports on the Broad's upcoming summer shenanigans:

"A monthly string of summer happenings at the downtown institution pairs young sonic innovators with creators working in dance, video and performance art. The newly announced series is a prominent addition to summer music offerings coming out of the region's art museums."

The series begins on June 25. One unique highlight of the various showings will be former pianist and guitarist of indie rock band Vampire Weekend, Rostam Batmanglij, in an Aug. 20 performance with electronic musician Jerrilynn Patton. Batmanglij recently quit Vampire Weekend and relocated to LA. Musicians Preston Wendel and William Basinski present their Sparkle Division suite the same night.

Time Out LA champions the string of art occurrences as an imaginative festivity:

"Spend a late night at the Broad during its first after-hours programming series, which finds musicians, dancers and poets collaborating in the museum's outdoor plaza as well as in gallery spaces."

The art series takes its title from 1960s American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein's like-wised named, Mondrian-esque painting, Non-Objective I.

For more information on "Nonobject(ive)," visit

Below, get a taste of sound artist Tim Hecker's 2011 experimental noise mix as an installation at the Broad, Really Eternal Music.

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