10 Fantastic College Theaters

By dd on May 13, 2020 08:50 PM EDT
10 Fantastic College Theaters (Photo : Flickr)

Theaters are great places where artistry, talent, and entertainment are combined in just one place. Find out the top college theaters.

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a theater play or a musical? Well, if you are talented and possess the skills for it, then you should have an audition in college theaters. This will further improve your talents and might even give you an opportunity to be in the limelight. Some of the biggest theater artists were discovered during their college days. This is the birthplace of theater stars that are well-loved by many people these days.

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Fantastic College Theaters

1.    Perelman Quadrangle in the University of Pennsylvania

This theater is huge and can hold tons of people. Performing here will give you the exposure that you need for your theater career in the future.

2.    Yale Repertory Theatre at Yale University

This is where premieres, school plays, and superb performances can be seen. Yale university students consider this as their training ground in starting their theater careers.

3.    Richard B. Fisher Center of the Bard College

This college drama playhouse is the top choice and most ideal performance area for those who are into drama, dance acts, opera, and many others. The performing students of this college take pride to perform in this popular college theater around.

4.    Valley Performing Arts Center

This college theater has been popular for its minimalist design as well as structure. When you perform in this majestic place, it is sure that the highlight will always be focused on the students' acts or performances. Its building architecture is famous and many students would wish to perform in this place.

5.    Carnegie Mellon University Theatre

This is among the oldest college theaters. It is also considered being among the most respected. This is where the college's school of drama performs.

6.    Rarig Center of the University of Minnesota

This theater belongs to the best choices of awesome theaters in colleges. When students perform here, their careers in theatre acts will get a big boost.

7.    Murchison Performing Arts Center, University of North Texas

This university has two performing areas giving more options of performances to audiences. This also allows more students to perform and hone their craft and skills in theater.

8.    Purdue Theatre and Elliott Hall of Music in Purdue University

This school has continuously prioritized the theatrical abilities of their students. This college theater has always been used by their students with their performances.

9.    Hylton Performing Arts Center 

This features an amazing performance area that the audience will be amazed with. This is huge that it can hold any kind of theater acts and presentations offered by the college's students.

10.  The Perry and Marty Granoff Center in Brown University

This place is popular for its architectural design as well as performance space. It is where the students of this university perform their theater pieces. The building's interior is so impressive that it can handle maximum lights and sound.

There are still lots of college theaters that provide great performing areas for students. These places become the origin of the best theater actors and artists around the globe.

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