Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Yerkin Tatishev Takes Pride in the 2020 Tsinandali Festival

By Staff Reporter on Oct 02, 2020 09:47 AM EDT
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Yerkin Tatishev Takes Pride in the 2020 Tsinandali Festival (Photo : Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Yerkin Tatishev Takes Pride in the 2020 Tsinandali Festival)

The 2020 Tsinandali Classical Music Festival continues to be a powerful force for peace through music in the historic Georgian region. Yerkin Tatishev and other founders of the festival continue to support the effort through generous donations and the belief that music can transform lives.

Music is a universal language; a powerful unifier that brings people of all nations and cultures together. Thanks to a Georgian non-profit group, co-founded and co-chaired by Yerkin Tatishev, founding chairman of Kusto Group, and other business leaders, this four-day classical music event took place this year from September 17th-20th, 2020. 

The non-profit group's primary focus is the promotion of the language of music in the region, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, as a way to achieve peace and unity among populations divided throughout history. 

In spite of COVID-19 concerns, accommodations were made at the Tsinandali Estate so that the second annual event was able to move forward in 2020. Tatishev and fellow founders were proud to continue what is foreseen to be a showcase event for classical music talent and tourism around the world.

2020 marks second annual Tsinandali Festival

The Tsinandali Festival was launched in 2019 as a successful two-week debut of classical music excellence, presenting some of the greatest musicians from around the world brought together to perform. 

Along with these great musicians the Pan-Caucasian Youth Orchestra was inaugurated. Over 80 young musicians from the surrounding regions, many from countries in constant struggle and turmoil, took part in the Pan-Caucasian Youth Orchestra. 

This youth orchestra not only brought down the house with a moving performance center stage on the opening night but also built regional ties and personal relationships through the universal language of music. Their performance is not just about putting on a good show but is likewise to send a message of unity to the musicians' home countries. 

The Pan-Caucasian Youth Orchestra was not able to perform this year due to the COVID-19 concerns, but they are slated to return next year. Not only is this group a symbol of peace and unity, but the musicians get the rare opportunity to explore the world of music under the guidance and mentorship of experienced musicians and directors. 

They can advance their experience through professional education and master classes taught by the brightest names in classical music. Yerkin Tatishev and the Tsinandali Festival are anxious for the youth orchestra to return next year. He wishes for these young artists to continue in the important advancement of their education, which provides leadership for peace across the region as they return to their homes. 

Tsinandali Estate ensures COVID-safe festival

The host site for the Tsinandali Festival has been, and will continue to be, Georgia's historic restored Tsinandali Estate. This estate is located in the heart of the wine-making country. Its 8,000-year tradition of vineyards and quality wine production in a beatific forested location is a breathtaking locality for the festival. 

Yerkin Tatishev has stated that this fine estate repurposed the grounds to ensure the most hygienic and COVID-secure environment. Given how the pandemic has changed how our world works, the Tsinandali Estate hosted the four days of concerts in an open-air amphitheater and other state-of-the-art venues where Georgia's government guidelines were followed with high levels of hygiene for all participants and performers. 

"We are immensely proud and thankful that the Tsinandali Festival is underway despite the challenges posed by the pandemic," said Tatishev. "This year will see the beautiful Tsinandali Estate in Georgia once again filled with world class music from some of the finest performers including Marta Argerich, Lisa Batiashvili and others. At these troubling times it is important to remember the unifying and universal power of music and culture."

Tsinandali Festival showcases regional and world talented musicians

Martin Engstroem, Artistic Director of the festival, and Avi Shoshani, Artistic Consultant, commented that these four days of exceptional music proved that the power of music can unite us in trying times. 

Major international artists who performed this year included Martha Argeroch, one of the greatest concert pianists of the recorded era, Lisa Batiashvili a Georgian violinist recognized for her virtuosity and profound sensitivity, Georgian conductor Nikoloz Rachveli, Argentinian pianist Nelson Goerner and the Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet. 

All of these world-class artists, who represent the cream of the craft, traveled to Georgia to express their solidarity with the festival and its audiences. These artists were committed to this special historic site in Georgia and the Tsinandali Festival

George Ramishvili, chairman of the Silk Road Group and one of the co-founders of the festival, stated, "Nothing can match the emotional power of a live performance when the artistry of a musician connects with the audience. The power of these artists was unmistakable and prodigious."

Next year's festival already on Yerkin Tatishev's mind

A full two-week Tsinandali Festival is already scheduled for next year. Yerkin Tatishev has said the Pan-Caucasian Youth Orchestra will return to the festival and to center stage. These young musicians come from countries still affected by conflict and instability, according to Tatishev. The Orchestra has and will continue to show that music can break down barriers and cross divides. Music continues to unite people of different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities. 

"I look forward to next year where we all hope circumstances allow us to put on a full programme free from limitations," says Tatishev.

The Tsinandali Festival will return in 2021, again with legendary conductors and world renown classic musicians and dancers. As the world continues to experience the coronavirus pandemic crisis and the turmoil it has caused, the world must remember that culture and music remain powerful unifiers across Europe, Asia and beyond.

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