How to Successfully Raise Money for Your Dance Studio in 2020

By Staff Reporter on Oct 02, 2020 09:55 PM EDT
How to Successfully Raise Money for Your Dance Studio in 2020 (Photo : How to Successfully Raise Money for Your Dance Studio in 2020)

There are lots of fun extracurriculars that both kids and adults can enjoy. Dance is a fun, challenging, and rewarding sport that is perfect for people of all ages and backgrounds. At the same time, 2020 has been a challenge for people in multiple industries. This is particularly challenging for those who usually thrive on in-person events. Given the current coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing guidelines that are present, it is very hard for dance studios to find ways to generate a consistent stream of revenue. This is where dance fundraising is important. The good news is that even though 2020 has come with a number of hardships, there are plenty of ways dance studios can raise money as well. What are some of the top tips to keep in mind?

Hold a Silent Auction Online

One of the first steps that everyone who runs a dance studio should remember is that it is possible to still hold an auction. When people think about auctions, they probably think about a room with an auctioneer at the front. In reality, a silent auction can be held online. One of the major benefits of silent auctions is that it is possible to get more people involved. Given that people are able to bid on items at their leisure, it is possible to have more items on which people can bid. Think about some of the items that might be auctioned off, including dance lessons. All of this can go a long way toward raising money for the studio.

Share Magnets and Stickers

Everyone loves to decorate their car with items that are important to them. This could include the dance studio. It is possible for the dance studio to produce magnets and stickers at a reduced price when they buy them in bulk. Then, these items can be sold for a relatively low-cost to current supporters. That way, not only will the dance studio raise money off of the magnets and stickers but this will also double as a form of free marketing. Put those creativity skills to use and come up with a creative design for magnet and stickers that people are going to love.

Hold Virtual Dance Lessons

While this may sound like a big switch for professional dance instructors, it is possible to hold dance lessons virtually. Everyone who runs a dance studio should think about holding virtual dance lessons using videoconferencing technology. The music can be played in the background everyone dances to it. Then, it might be possible for dance instructors to continue to make money while providing virtual dance instruction. To get more people involved, hold a contest to see who can come up with the best virtual background on their computers.

Collect Online Donations

Finally, one of the most straightforward ways that dance instructors can raise money for the studio is to collect online donations. A simple shift, such as adding a donation button to the website and asking for support, can go a long way. There are lots of people who love dance studios. At the same time, they also know that dance studios are having issues making money given current social distancing guidelines. Many of them will be willing to step up and donate if they are simply asked. Make sure the donation software is exceptional by ensuring it can collect donations in a variety of manners. Think about credit cards, debit cards, and other payment forms such as PayPal and Apple Pay.

Raise Money for a Dance Studio Using These Creative Ways

These are just a few of the top ways that everyone is able to raise money for a dance studio. It is important for dance studios to get creative. Luckily, creativity is one of the foundational pillars of dance. By leveraging the virtual world and current supporters, it is possible for dance studios to spread the word and make sure they have a steady stream of donations coming in. This could be enough to help them keep the lights on as the coronavirus pandemic runs its course.

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