Unique Holiday Gift Ideas Your Family Will Love

By dd on Jan 09, 2021 11:17 AM EST
Unique Holiday Gift Ideas Your Family Will Love (Photo : Pixabay)

Pleasing everyone is a big deal. Especially when the holidays are nearing, and it's time to choose who will be hosting Christmas amongst the family this year.

If a picture says a thousand words, imagine what a photo from your life, paired with the song name and artist name of the most epic song, could say. Would it tell someone you love them more than anything? Would it remind you of the days gone by? Will it teach you about your family's history?

Music is a powerful tool in the world of memory. It can help us remember and write done those memories from our pasts in a way that others can connect and remember along with us or create new memories alongside us with.

Use the power of music and pair it with your favorite photos this year to print your album for an incredibly unique and one of a kind gifting experience that your family will love.

Create the Perfect Family Tree

Choose a song for each family member's birthday year and include their baby photo for a perfect family tree display. Not only does this celebrate the joy of building a family, but it also helps to create new memories and share old ones with the new generation.

12 Days of Christmas Album

Choose twelve songs to pair with each member of the family and a few of their Christmas photos from this year. Don't forget to include the dog!

Family Album

Learning new things is tough. Why not celebrate your children's accomplishments from over the years with motivational songs and ballads. That way, whenever one of you passes by the printed albums, you will feel inspired as the music fills your head.

The Wonder Years

Showcase a time long passed with family photos from that iconic, simpler time, paired with those years' hits, creating a nostalgic family photo album like no other.

Other Great Themes for perfect Gifts:

  • Sports team photos of wins and loses from the season paired with inspirational songs. Use this to create a special homage to the lessons learned through your child's team sports participation.

Example of a perfect photo for this theme - a sweaty team photo after a big win!

  • Summer Vacation Photos paired with hottest songs of the summer.

Example of a perfect photo for this theme - A family photo at sunset on the beach.

  • Pair photos from family reunions to songs that describe the time spent together.

Example of a perfect photo for this theme - Grab a photograph with the whole crew, and if not, the people document the food! All the different dishes are one of the best parts of a family reunion.

  • Create an album of your favorite songs that is illustrated by your child's art as they grow up.

Example of a perfect photo for this theme - Including a drawing of the whole family is a great memory to share.

  • Pair baby's monthly photos with songs that complement what they learned how to do each month.

Example of a perfect photo for this theme -  first-month, six-month, and twelve-month photos can show a lot of growth for your little one.  

  • Create a printed album from the perspective of being a bridesmaid or groomsman in your sibling's wedding pair the photos with your sibling's favorite songs.

Example of a perfect photo for this theme - A photo with just the two of you together.

  • Have a family business? Pair newspaper clippings and photos of big moments with inspirational songs from that year or season showcasing your business growth and memories.

Example of a perfect photo for this theme - The ribbon cutting at your first location!

  • Create a scrapbook for your wall of all of your favorite moments with your family over the last two decades and use songs that describe each moment. 

Example of a perfect photo for this theme - your family's first Christmas or your family's first pet.

Musical Moments

No matter the moment, music was there, making it more joyful, memorable, unforgettable. 

Now you can share those magical memories with those you love and by putting them on display for the whole family to enjoy and cherish for many, many years.

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