MUSE/IQUE Presents Copland's 'Appalachian Spring' with Dust Brother EZ Mike, Anna Clyne's 'fits + starts'

By Louise Burton on Feb 07, 2014 01:04 PM EST

MUSE/IQUE presents concerts in and around Pasadena, Calif. that are adventurous mash-ups of music, film, dance and other elements.

Their "Uncorked" series is a traveling party of smart fun that pops up in improvised concert halls around the city: working warehouses, factories, schools and iconic cultural locales. A complimentary wine reception for ticket holders takes place before each "Uncorked" event.

The series continues on Monday, February 24 with "Spring/Within," spotlighting Aaron Copland's iconic 1944 ballet score, Appalachian Spring. The locale for this particular event will be A Noise Within, located in the former Stuart Pharmaceutical Building in East Pasadena.

MUSE/IQUE musicians playing a wild collection of instruments will team with dancers to revive the visceral WWII energy of Copland's quintessentially American work.

"This is Appalachian Spring 'unsprung,'" artistic director Rachael Worby said. "We are shaking up Aaron Copland's piece with fresh choreography and electronic layers for a modern look and sound inside the space at A Noise Within."

Since MUSE/IQUE bills itself as a "counter-conventional orchestra," it's only fitting that it will perform an updated version of the original Appalachian Spring arrangement for 13 instruments, adding electronic texturing by Mike Simpson (a.k.a. EZ Mike of the Dust Brothers).

The evening also holds fits + starts, for electronic music with live cello, a new work by composer Anna Clyne that was commissioned by the Hysterica Dance Company of Los Angeles.

Animating both pieces is choreography by Kitty McNamee, artistic director of Hysterica Dance Company, performed by dancers Sara Silkin, Christian Brower and Marlon Pelayo. 

Original music by Mike Simpson will conclude the evening. More information about the "Uncorked" concert series is available at

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