Palace Confirms Princess Kate Middleton Pregnant with Twin Girls Baby Bump PHOTOS? [RUMOS]

By Jonathan Lambert on May 25, 2014 11:15 AM EDT

According to a new tabloid report, the palace has confirmed that Princess Kate Middleton is pregnant with twin girls. The seedy publication also printed what they claim to be photo proof of the baby bumps.

Popular U.S. tabloid OK! is back at it. Though they are known more for being wrong than being right, the publication has mastered the art of bait and switch cover stories.

This week was no different, as the tabloid chose to make Duchess Kate the focus of their attention. According to one source who spoke with the tabloid, Kate is overjoyed to be having a daughter:

"Kate has always wanted a daughter, and she's talked about it so much that William did too. Kate's upbringing with Pippa Middleton was idyllic and she always wanted to have girls of her own to carry on the legacy of strong, happy women. Plus, she thinks George having sisters will be tremendously good for his character."

Will and Kate aren't the only ones excited by the alleged pregnancy. Turns out the Queen is just as excited, as a separate source reveals:

"Queen Elizabeth has been keeping jewelry and gifts for years now, just in case William ever had a daughter. It's a tradition in the family. The new princess will inherit priceless antique diamonds and artwork."

Some publications have taken their guessing to the next level. The absolutely ridiculous Celebrity Dirty Laundry has even suggested that Princess Kate has been missing events due to her terrible morning sickness, telling readers:

"Our sources said that Kate and Prince William intended to start trying for baby number 2 earlier this spring when they took a solo trip before leaving as a family for down under. If she conceived then it means that Kate would be 8-10 weeks along and morning sickness could easily explain why we haven't seen her recently."

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