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Classicalite's Countdown to Record Store Day 2016: Saturday, April 16

Classicalite Counts Down to Record Store Day 2016 >>

Classicalites, Record Store Day 2016 is almost upon us. (Perhaps you saw the giant countdown clock--in days, hours, minutes and even seconds--there on our homepage?) And sure, while there are at least as many ways to listen to classical, jazz, theater or dance music as there are days on the calendar, itself, we just love the fact that there's at least one, specific day of said year where the physical, tactile album is still honored and appreciated...and then re-sold for four times its sleeve value on Discogs.

A Passion for Acoustics [primephonic, Jordy van Wijk]

ICYMI: primephonic's Jordy van Wijk on J.S. Bach's Passion for Acoustics at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig >>

A well-crafted a church appeals as much to the eyes as to the ears. As Western music was so heavily intertwined with the church throughout history, you can imagine that a lot of major compositions first came to life in some of the world's most magnificent churches. As the dominant musical figure at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, Johann Sebastian Bach had this privilege many times over.

Charlotte Moorman

CLICK: Topless Charlotte Moorman Show, Jazz Fest Sched, Hamilton's Daveed Diggs, Juste Debout >>

Nam June Paik's favorite, oft topless returning to Chicago (well, Evanston) at Northwestern University’s Block Museum.

Leading Contemporary Composer Georg Friedrich Haas Comes Out as Kinky

BRIEF: GFHaas BDSM Stücke, Esperanza Spalding on Bill Maher, Hamilton by Marriott, Dance Talks >>

Mark Morris with Surupa Sen, on March 23; Christopher Wheeldon with Wendy Whelan, on May 24; and David Neumann with Doug Elkins, on May 25.

ICYMI: Amtrak Crashes Z'EV, 100 Blue Note Redux, Berloni's Stage Pets, Corella's Penn. Ballet

ICYMI: Amtrak Crashes Z'EV, 100 Blue Note Redux, Berloni's Stage Pets, Corella's Penn. Ballet >>

One of the passengers seriously injured in the Amtrak derailment earlier this week is reflecting on the scary moments leading up to the crash, and his long road to recovery. As he still tries to wrap his mind around what happened, professional percussionist Z'EV says he's just grateful to be alive

This video is about slow bubbles in florence and the release of roomful of teeth's sophomore album, 'render.'

ICYMI: Roomful of Teeth 'Render' Trailer, Angela Lansbury Wins (Supporting) Olivier, Meredith Monk's Weirdness, Jazz Wrestling >>

Roomful of Teeth's sophomore album, 'Render,' is out April 28 via New Amsterdam Records. And, quote, "this video is about slow bubbles in Florence and the release of Roomful of Teeth's sophomore album, Render." So, watch the beguiling two-minute album trailer above, go watch the Classicalite premiere of RoT's first-ever music video for William Brittelle's "High Done No Why To" and then, of course, pre-order 'Render' on Bandcamp.

Andris Nelsons Readies to Conduct the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Hopes to Find Refinement as New Head

BRIEFS: Nelsons & Boston Record for DG, Bowie's 'Man Who Fell to Earth' Off-Broadway, ASCAP & BMI Killing Philly Jazz?, New York City Ballet Pointes >>

The Boston Symphony Orchestra and Deutsche Grammophon have announced a new partnership that will feature a series of live recordings under the direction ofBSO Music Director Andris Nelsons. This new recording initiative will launch with a project entitled Shostakovich Under Stalin’s Shadow, focusing on works composed during the period of Shostakovich’s difficult relationship with Stalin and the Soviet regime—starting with his fall from favor in the mid-1930s and the composition and highly acclaimed premiere of his Fifth Symphony, and through the premiere of the composer’s Tenth Symphony, one of the composer’s finest, most characteristic orchestral works, purportedly written as a response to Stalin’s death.

Clite A.V. Club: Nalani & Sarina Bolton,

EXCLUSIVE: Clite A.V. Club - Nalani & Sarina Play AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" >>

Nalani & Sarina Bolton play "Highway to Hell [AC/DC Cover]" | "I Wanna Be Sedated [Ramones Cover]" Logan K. Young, editor; Ian Holubiak, producer | N&S play The Bitter End in New York City's West Village on Wednesday, September 10, 2014.

Folk America to Ferguson to the VMAs: Woody Guthrie Immortalized by Latest Production 'Woody Sez' at Hartford's TheaterWorks

Folk America to Ferguson to the VMAs: Woody Guthrie Immortalized in Latest Production 'Woody Sez' at Hartford's TheaterWorks >>

The musical vineyard that is Woody Guthrie speaks to a history of America that still rings true today. As the events in Ferguson, M.O. unfold, pop stars and obscure voices alike come together at the VMAs to stand up for what they believe in, not unlike Guthrie in a more rural country.

Classicalite's Five Best: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Classicalite's Five Best: ALS Ice Bucket Challenges >>

From tenors to violinists, all of them getting iced...

Classicalite's Five Best videos of opera singers who could still belt 'em out into the third age...

Classicalite's Five Best: Oldies Singing Opera! >>

Not over until the fat lady sings? Sometimes she never stops, whether she happens to be fat or not. Or even a lady.

Blind Italian Tenor Andrea Bocelli Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Charity (Soaks Dog, Too!) >>

#ALSIceBucketChallenge...way to go Andrea! The dog doesn't think so, though.

Hamas 'Scary Song'

Hamas 'Scary Song' Becomes Hilarious Viral Rip-Off in Israeli Cover Versions [VIDEOS] >>

So, Hamas have apparently decided that if thousands of rockets and dozens of attack tunnels won't prevail in spreading terror, a song just might. Problem is, the song they've gone for is upbeat and very hummable--not quite the scarefest they hoped it might be (the song, being in Hebrew rather than Arabic, is clearly aimed at an Israeli audience).

Damon Albarn

CLICK: Damon Albarn's West End Musical, Billy Joel Wins Gershwin Prize, Audra MacDonald at Emerson’s, P.T. Anderson Vice at New York Film >>

"It's funny for me to say, 'I'm writing a musical', but yes, that's what I'm doing next. It's something I've always wanted to do, because musicals are great when they're done well. It started out with the same subject matter but was going to be a leftfield, experimental opera. But it's lurched into a mainstream musical for families." -- Damon Albarn [via The Daily Star]

BRIEF: Lindsey Stirling Talks Eating Disorder, Best Brooklyn Jazz Clubs, Elaine Stritch Dead at 89, Passinho in New York >>

Acrobatic Violinist Lindsey Stirling Opens Up About YouTube Hits and Eating Disorder...

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