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Thomas Swan

Blue Note

Blue Note to Become Apple Curator >>

Blue Note Records has been the home of numerous legends of jazz. It is one of the exemplary labels in the genre. Maintaining its leadership place in the world of jazz, the record label has been an innovator in its online presence. Following that line, the record company has become the first major label to become a curator on the music streaming site Apple Music.

Sonya Yoncheva

Dmitri Tchneriakov Combines Tchaikovsky's 'Nutcracker' and Iolanta >>

Stage director Dmitrii Tchneriakov has a dream. He wants to produce the entire Russian stage repertoire. Since this is Paris and not the New York Met, where every other production has to be one of Wagner's Ring Cycle, he just might be able to get it done. Tchneriakov got off to a good start recently when he combined two of Pyotor Tchaikovsky's pieces, Nutcracker and Iolanta and saw them performed at the Paris Opéra at the Palais Garnier March 14th.

Arsha Kaviani

Meet Arsha Kaviani, Concert Pianist and so Much More >>

While Arsha Kaviani is technically a citizen of Dubai, UAE, born to Iranian parents, Arsha is no more a citizen of one or the either. His real home is any auditorium that houses a grand piano, where imagination is alive, where arias play and passions are enflamed, where concertos blaze fire across the black and white keys of a grand piano. Arsha Kaviani is a concert pianist in the physical world. In his soul, he is an artist. Classicalite caught up with the pianist on an early Sunday morning in Portland, Oregon and a late evening in London, England.

Salman Khan

'Sultan' Due Out July 8 >>

The wait is almost over. Pretty soon the talking and hype will be at an end and the movie watching and judging will begin. July 8th of this year will see the release of Salman Khan's especially hyped wrestling film Sultan. If we were to put Sultan's release into perspective, you would have to garner the fan energy of the recent Star Wars film and double it. Yes, double it. One would have to combine Tom Cruise's popularity with that of Brad Pitt and you might just begin get into the arena with Salman Khan.

Sharon Jones

Film Documents Sharon Jones Battle With Cancer >>

Sharon Jones, is a fighter with not one ounce of quit in her. She has wound through a long perilous road to get to where she always wanted, singing before an audience. The former wedding singer and corrections officer was once told by a Sony executive that she was too old, fat, short and black to have a singing career has fought the odds and won everytime. But her hardest battle couldn't be conquered so easily. Miss Sharon Jones, a documentary debuting at SXSW documents Jones' toughest opponent, cancer.

Donald Trump Slowly Backs Away from Predatory Megyn Kelly: Trump Drops out of Fox GOP Debate

Donald Trump and the Follies of Politics >>

This isn't a political article. It is an article about theater or how life imitates art more than art imitating life. Say what you will about current GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, who unless society has a magical deux ex machina in reserve, will become the Republican Party nominee, he has brought theater to politics, with an Edward Albee on Red Bull sense of the absurd. Marc Antony has invaded the Senate and is trying to shake up the complacent establishment, ie Washington. It is classic hero mythos, one man against the forces of evil. If we were to pull from the current Broadway fare, it would be a little like Hamilton, only our protagonist has one idea and might use an usher as a shield when Aaron Burr tries to cap him. Welcome to The Trump Follies

Liv Warfield Experience

Tyrone Hendrix : Jazz in Portland, Or. >>

Tyrone Hendrix has rhythm in his blood. It wasn't until later in his career that Mr. Hendrix turned that innate time keeping ability to jazz. The drummer, who now makes his home in the City of Roses (Portland, Or), is currently at work on his latest album. The young musician is constantly honing his craft and wants to achieve the same level to his craft as Tony Williams, a man Mr. Hendrix admires because of his large vocabulary in the field of jazz

Snarky Puppy

Snarky Puppy and GoGo Penguin: The New Standards of Jazz? >>

What is Jazz, actually? No, you don't have to answer that question because it is an unanswerable one, all be it theoretical one. Throughout its tracable history, the burden of this question has plagued many, mostly those who have tried to answer it in an attempt to exclude somebody else. The argument is about as old as jazz music itself and with the emergence of two new popular acts, GoGo Penguin and Snarky Puppy, that debate has been reenergized once again. Both bands have attained a popularity and complaints about being filed in the jazz genre.

Khatia Buniatishvili

Khatia Buniatishvili Blazing Piano Goddess >>

Get Khatia Buniatishvili behind a piano and a change occurs. Maybe, not so much a change as opposed to a possession occurs. Sitting at the piano and those keys staring back at her, the soul of everyone who came before her conjures themselves and channel the emotions of the moment. The feeling and the intensity you can witness in Ms. Buniatishvili's face. It is sensual, alarming, hallowing. And Khatia, the Georgian goddess and her blazing piano make you feel every moment. They conjure up the colors of emotion and life.

Cleveland Orchestra

Cleveland Orchestra Announces 2016-2017 Miami Schedule >>

The Cleveland Orchestra has just released its schedule of concerts in Miami for what has become an annual tradition. Now in it's 11th season, the trek to Miami every winter has grown in popularity. As with every year, the orchestra has put together quite a program to look forward to. Under the capable hands of conducter Giancarlo Guerrero and musical director Fran Welser-Most, the season will see the works of Bach, Barber, Berlioz, Bruckner, Mendelssohn, Nielsen, Respighi, Shostakovich, Sibelius, and Verdi.

Pat Metheny

Two New Albums From Jazz Guitarist Pat Metheny May 6 >>

2015 was a banner year for jazz guitarist Pat Metheny. The highlight was his stint as Musician-in-Residence at the Detroit Jazz Festival. In an effort to keep his string of good luck going, Metheny is putting the finishing touches on two new albums, The Unity Sessions and Cuong Vu Meets Pat Metheny. Both are scheduled to drop on May 6th.

Frank Sinatra Jr.

Frank Sinatra Jr. Dead at Age 72 >>

It is difficult being the son of a legend, more so if your father is a true icon and you just happen to share the same name. For Frank Sinatra Jr, it was a little bit of the best of both worlds. His name opened many doors but it also brought stress and even got him kidnapped. Still, Sinatra Jr could claim to have the coolest dad ever and, by his own words, Frank Sr. was a good father. Now, Frank Jr. gets to join up again with his father in heaven. He died yesterday at the age of 72 of an apparent heart attack.

Miles Davis

The Evolution of Miles Davis >>

July 30, 1969 was a pivitol year in the history of Jazz. Until that point, unlike rock ' n' roll, jazz was slowly, if not begrudgingly submitting to the revolution of new sound. A younger generational was coming into their own and they had a different, brasher, more funky sound in their minds. Trumpet legend Miles Davis was of the previous generation, the hard boppers. Born in 1926, Davis was getting older but he was still Miles Davis and the sounds that funk/rocker Sly Stone, among others, was creating with his band Sly and the Family Stone signaled the future for Davis. The "King of Cool" was about to go electric.

                                                                             Nana Vasconselos

Brazilian Percussionist Nana Vaconselos Dead at 71 >>

Famed Jazz percussionist Nana Vasconcelos has died of lung cancer in his hometown of Recife, Brazil. The acclaimed percussionist and master of the single-stringed native Brazilian instrument berimbau died on March 9. He was 71 years old and was actually born in the town of Recife. Vasconcelos found a fair measure of fame in attention in the United States as well as Brazil.

Alexander Hamilton

'Hamilton' Making History >>

Never has Alexander Hamilton been so popular. If there is a heaven and, we assume that both Alexander Hamilton and his arch-rival Thomas Jefferson are both in heaven, What do you suppose the subjet of the hit Broadway show thinks about his life being so trivialized? Probably, not all that much. One could almost hear Alexander Hamilton exclaim, "I started most of the institutions in this country and all I got was a damn musical for it."

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