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Mourners Attend Wake And Funeral For Sandra Bland In Illinois

Classical Music Bolsters Black Lives Matter Movement in 'Sing Her Name' Tribute >>

In response to the nationwide trend of violence towards black people at the hands of law enforcement, musician and teacher Eun Lee has organized the 'Sing Her Name' event as a classical music tribute to Sandra Bland and the countless other lives lost due to police brutality.

Classic BRIT Awards 2013 - Winners Boards

Nicola Benedetti Opens up on Classical Music Education: Treat It Like Broccoli >>

Nicola Benedetti, Scottish violinist and 2004's BBC Young Musician of the year, has some sensible ideas when it comes to the current state of classical music education: treat it like broccoli! Benedetti speaks her heart on engaging young minds in the classical arts.

Bloodstock Outdoor Heavy Metal Festival

Classical Music Fans Respond to Hearing Heavy Metal Music >>

How do fans of classical music react when confronted with heavy metal? Website 'MetalSucks' visited a symphony performance to find out the answer. The two superficially disparate musical forms have more in common than convention often implies.


Classical Guitar Students Show Their Chops at New Zealand Concert >>

A group of classical guitar students, trainees of instrumentalists Dominique Blatti and Ross Townsend, performed a concert on Sunday night in New Zealand. Over 20 of the instructors’ pupils displayed their guitar talents for an attentive audience.


Scientists: Listening to Mozart Lowers Blood Pressure, No Effect From ABBA >>

A group of German researchers have released findings that listening to classical music can help lower blood pressure. They determined that listening to Mozart or Strauss lowers systolic blood pressure, while listening to ABBA has a negligible effect.

Freddie Freeman & Jason Heyward

The Case for Classical Music Walk-Up Songs in Major League Baseball >>

An MLB hitter's choice of walk-up music can make for an invigorating primer at bat. As most players default to popular tunes, a certain niche of the sport's music lovers are making the argument for more classical fare in the audible allocation of “America's pastime."

Natalia Karp

'Sounds and Sweet Airs' Details Female Composers Consigned to Oblivion >>

Anna Beer’s new book, 'Sounds and Sweet Airs: The Forgotten Women of Classical Music,' highlights overlooked but important female composers. The author spoke with NPR Music about the project and touched on some of her favorite women symphonists.

Veronica Moon

Can Classical Music Cue a Vinyl Revival? Digital Quality a Concern Amid Devotees >>

Vinyl record sales have seen a resurgence of late, albeit mainly among albums of popular music, hip hop and punk. With online streaming and digital downloads delivering dubious sound quality, classical music fans are pining away for their own phonographic revival.


Can Classical Music Improve Your Health? Numerous Sources Weigh In >>

Can listening to classical music favorably affect your health? Numerous studies have posited its advantageous effects on cognitive and physical conditions. Here, we attempt to decipher the data.

Marin Alsop

Is Classical Music Sensitive to Gender Bias and Wage Gap Issues? >>

Female composers, musicians and producers have undoubtedly made an enormous impact in the classical music world. However, do the gender bias and wage gap issues abundant in society at large also permeate the classical music community?

Sheet Music

"Composed Music": Speaker Craig Havighurst Proposes Name-change to Revitalise Classical Music >>

Most of us C-lites have probably been exposed to the stereotype: classical music is boring, wearisome, aged, not hip. Although this stereotype is a skin-deep assessment, the bad rap long endured by the classical community is at last simmering down, in part owed to a generation of positive internet marketing. Nevertheless, some members of the community are arguing that a lasting revitalisation of classical music requires a more aggressive marketing strategy --- In this case, a name change. Could the term "composed music" perhaps win over more hearts and minds? Music journalist/speaker Craig Havighurst seems to think so.

Emanuele Torrente

EXCLUSIVE: Classicalite Q&A with Guitarist and Composer Emanuele Torrente >>

Emanuele Torrente has a musical mind, at least that's the way he likes describe it. The Italian born classical guitarist has very definite ideas where about where music is going and where he feels it should be going. An accomplished musician as well as composer and musical theorist, Maestro Torrente has a new album Musical Mind, which you can download from his site. Classicalite caught up with him to talk about the album and music in general.

Branford Marsalis Calls Out Jay-Z as 'Ill-Informed,' Discusses Classical Music and the Civil Rights Movement

Branford Marsalis Calls Out Jay Z as 'Ill-Informed,' Discusses Classical Music and the Civil Rights Movement >>

Branford Marsalis, brother to the esteemed Wynton, has toured the world with some of jazz's greatest minds: Art Blakey, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and Dizzy Gillespie to name a few. In a recent interview at the San Antonio Current, Marsalis talks everything from classical to his gripe with Jay Z.

Charlie Hebdo

Classical Music Organizations in Cities Around the World Pay Tribute to Victims of the Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack. >>

In cities around the world, classical music organizations are honoring the 12 victims of the terrorist attack against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The goal is to defend freedom of expression for all.

Classical Music

Listening to Classical Music Can Help You Ace Finals, Lowers Blood Pressue >>

University research in France has recently found that listening to classical music while studying can actually help students score higher on tests. Research published in "Learning and Individual Difference" found that students who listened to a one-hour lecture where classical music was played in the background scored significantly higher in a quiz on the lecture when compared to a similar group of students who heard the lecture with no music. Researchers speculate that the music puts students in a heightened emotional state, which makes them more receptive to information “It is possible that music, provoking a change in the learning environment, influenced the students’ motivation to remain focused during the lecture, which led to better performance on the multiple-choice quiz,” they wrote.

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