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Clayton Stephenson

EXCLUSIVE Classicalite Q&A with Classical Chinese Pianist Lang Lang

EXCLUSIVE: Classicalite Q&A with Lang Lang >>

If you haven't been on the Lang Lang train lately then you may want to board at the next station--and that station is non other than our C-Lite A.V. Club. With some exclusive clips from Lang Lang, premiering his ninth grade protégé Clayton Stephenson there's little to hinder the steep rise of the classical pianist.

Lang Lang

EXCLUSIVE: C-LITE A.V. Club - Clayton Stephenson Performs Lowell Liebermann's 'Gargoyles,' Op. 29 at HARMAN >>

Lang Lang’s teenage protégé Clayton Stephenson is only a ninth-grader--a scholarship student at the Juilliard Pre-College Division and Lang Lang’s own International Music Foundation.

Lang Lang

PHOTOS: Lang Lang Named HARMAN Global Brand Ambassador, Plays and Signs 'The Mozart Album' (Sony Classical) with Clayton Stephenson's 'Gargoyles' >>

Lang Lang was honored by audio mavens HARMAN last week for his ability to inspire millions to actively participate in music. Especially of the hi-definition kind.

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