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Antonin Scalia

Justice Antonin Scalia Laid to Rest in High Court: Death Continues to Divide Republicans & Democrats >>

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was laid to rest in High Court on Saturday Feb 20. Scalia passed away last weekend at the age of 79. The very vocal conservative Justice’s death has added further contention to an already heated election season, with Democrats and Republicans at odds over the next nomination.

Harper Lee

'To Kill A Mocking Bird' Writer Harper Lee Dies at 89 >>

Literary legend Harper Lee has passed away the age of 89 on Friday. Harper is universally for her famed novel 'To Kill A Mockingbird,' which has been adapted for both film and the stage. It was recently announced that Lee’s masterwork will be adapted once again by stage and screen writer, Aaron Sorkin ( 'A Few Good Men,' 'The West Wing'and directed by Bartlett Sher ('The King and I,' 'Fiddler on the Roof').

Antonin Scalia

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies at 79: Friendship Battles with Ginsburg Remembered in Opera >>

United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died at the of 79. Scaia was well known for being one of the most conservative Justices on the bench. Scalia was also known as a lover of the opera as well as the subject of one. The comedic opera, 'Ginsburg/Scalia,' composed by lawyer and musician Derrick Wang, focus on Scalia’s close friendship with rival Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Despite their drastically different interpretations of the law, Scalia and Ginsburg will forever be remembered as the closest friends on the bench.

Vanity Fair 2007 Tribeca Film Festival Party

‘Lazarus’ & ‘Blackstar’ David Bowie’s Doctor Gives Death Details in Thank You Letter >>

David Bowie prepared for his death by giving fans two amazing farewell gifts, the new album 'Blackstar' and the off-Broadway musical 'Lazarus.' David also planned his own peaceful passing at home. Recently, Bowie’s palliative care consultant Dr Mark Taubert penned a thank you letter where he gave some new details about his death.

Director Duncan Jones and father David Bowie

‘Lazarus’ David Bowie’s Son Duncan Jones Shares Doctor’s Thank You Letter: Calls ‘Blackstar’ “Death Art” >>

David Bowie may have left us, but he gave us something to remember him by. In addition to all the works from his storied career, Bowie also said goodbye with an all new album, 'Blackstar'and the new off-Broadway musical, 'Lazarus.' Now, David Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, has shared a thank you letter that his doctor wrote in honor of the legendary icon. In the letter, Dr Mark Taubert gives thanks to Bowie for life’s work as well what he calls “death art.”

Kat Harington

Kit Harington Confirms Jon Snow Death: Talks ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 after ‘Doctor Faustus’ Casting >>

Kit Harington has officially confirmed that Jon Snow is dead. The 'Game of Thrones' star is opening up about Season 6 of the hit HBO series, admitting that he did infact at the end of Season 5. However, Harington didn’t say anything about if Jon Snow will stay dead. Meanwhile, Harington’s own soul is on the line in his new project. Harington will soon be returning to the London’s West End as 'Doctor Faustus' in the all new production of the classic play.

David Bowie Announces Avant-Garde Jazz Album 'Blackstar' Due January 8

‘Lazarus’s/ David Bowie Lives On: Recorded Five Extra Tracks Before Cancer Death >>

David Bowie’s 'Blackstar' album and off-Broadway musical 'Lazarus' was one bittersweet goodbye to his fans, who had no idea the legendary musician was dying of cancer. However, it has recently been revealed that Bowie was planning more. Bowie has recorded demos for five extra tracks in what he was hoping to turn into another full album.

Brian Bedford

Tony Winner Brian Bedford Dies At 80: Remembered for Disney ‘Robin Hood’ Voice & Shakespeare Roles >>

One time Tony Award winner and Seven time Tony nominee Brian Bedford passed away on Wednesday at the age of 80. Bedford died after battling cancer making him the 3rd high profile actor to die this week, with David Bowie and Alan Rickman both passing away from cancer at the age of 69. Bedford, a veteran of the stage is known for his work acting and directing for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Bedford also stole the show as Lady Bracknell in his 2009 performance of Oscar Wilde’s classic play The Importance of Being Earnest, Many fans will remember Bedford as the voice of the charming lead character in the animated Walt Disney classic, Robin Hood.

Premiere Of RADiUS-TWC's 'Horns' - Arrivals

‘H2$’ & ‘Equus’ Daniel Radcliffe Pins Essay Obit for Former ‘Harry Potter’ Co Star After Cancer Death >>

Actor Daniel Radcliffe got his start as the titular lead in the 'Harry Potter' film series but his experience gave him much more than just fame and fortune. In the years since the final film in the series Radcliffe maintained a close relationship with his co star Alan Rickman. Rickman, a two time Tony nominee himself, even came to support Radcliffe in his Broadway theater ventures including 'How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying' ('H2$') and 'Equus.' Rickman passed away early Thursday after a battle with cancer. In the wake of his death Radcliffe has pinned a touching essay obit about his friend.

Vanity Fair 2007 Tribeca Film Festival Party

David Bowie Will Not Die: Broadway ‘Lazarus’ & New Album ‘Black Star’ Released as Farewell to Fans >>

By now you have heard the news and sadly it is true. David Bowie has passed after more than a year of fighting cancer. The legendary musician and actor was a household name thanks to songs like “Space Oddity,” and “Ziggy Stardust,” and films like 'The Labyrinth.' Bowie was so synonymous with change that even his eyes weren’t the same. Bowie may be have left us but with one last Lazarus act, left his fans with the release of his final album, Black Star. Bowie’s legacy will also live in the upcoming Broadway musical, 'Lazarus' starring 'Dexter' and 'Hedwig' star Michael C Hall.


ICYMI: James Patterson's Book, Pablo Neruda's Death, Museum of the Future, Pompeii Exhibit of Stolen Items, Ballerina Balance >>

This past week has be jammed with news of Pompeii looters, a museum of the future, ballerina life coaches, Pablo Neruda's maybe murder and a self-destructing James Patterson book.

Eric Garner

Eric Garner's Last Words Become Performance Piece >>

Amid the throng of protesters, the words “I can’t breathe” echoed through Grand Central Terminal Tuesday night, Dec. 9. The plea of Eric Garner, the black man who was recently killed by a white police officer in Staten Island, New York, was re-enacted by a group of performance artists in a rallying cry for justice. The speaker was Chazz Giovanni, a recent graduate of the acting program at SUNY Purchase. Giovanni recited all of Garner’s last worlds, which were recorded on video before his death in July after Officer Daniel Pantaleo put him into a chokehold. As Giovanni spoke Garner’s last words, dozens of dancers circled him, some beating on cookie tins as they chanted, "We can’t breath." Others broke into pairs to act out a simple, stylized move based on a chokehold. After each round of the monologue, the group fell to the ground, mimicking death.

Elaine Stritch

‘30 Rock’ Tina Fey & Alec Baldwin Talks Colleen Donaghy Elaine Stritch after Broadway Legend’s Death >>

The lights have been dimmed on Broadway, out of respect for Elaine Stritch. The Broadway legend passed away this week at the age of 89. Stritch theater and TV credits are too numerous to name, but is (more-or-less civilized) TV fans will remember her for her Emmy award winning role as Jack’s mom Colleen Donaghy in the acclaimed NBC comedy '30 Rock.' Now '30 Rock' star and creator, Tina Fey, is opening up about her time with Stritch. Alec Baldwin has also tweeted his love for his on-screen mother.

READ: South Africa’s Ladysmith Black Mambazo Reacts to Nelson Mandela Death >>

Madiba left us today, age 95, after a long battle with a liver infection. A key anti-apartheid fighter, Mandela spent 27 years in prison before becoming South Africa's first black president. Read the words of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, who joined Mandela in Norway to accept his Nobel Peace Prize and sing on behalf of Africa.

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