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Experimental Music

Loire performs at Composers Concordance Concert

JacobTV, Dutch Composer, Creates Multimedia Opera of Current Events >>

Dutch experimental composer JacobTV, né Jacob ter Veldhuis, employed a unique collaging method to arrange his new multimedia piece, 'The News.' The avant-pop orchestration uses clips of news footage to create a sensory-straining “reality opera.”

Karlheinz Stockhausen

Darmstadt International Summer Course Celebrated as Avant-Garde Stronghold >>

Last month, a Brooklyn festival honored the 70th anniversary of Germany's Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music, a starting point of many revered avant-garde composers including Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pierre Boulez and John Cage.

Otomo Yoshihide

Japanese Composer Otomo Yoshihide Brings the Noise Stateside This May >>

Otomo Yoshihide, veteran "Japanoise" composer and free-jazz instrumentalist, brings his contemporary improvised music project to Japan Society's historic Manhattan headquarters in May. The venue will host two performances of the artist's music.

Electric Guitar

Noise Music: History’s Reaction to the Existing Condition >>

Throughout history and in today’s artistic practice, forward-thinking musicians have created compositions based in disquietude and sonance as opposed to rhythm and harmony. Noise music is a reaction to commonplace perceptions of the form and a deeply expressive apparatus within outsider art.

Tony Conrad

Tony Conrad Bows Out of Big Ears Festival, His ‘Amplified Drone Strings’ Remain >>

Artist Tony Conrad cancelled his appearance at this weekend's Big Ears Festival due to ill health. The performances of his collaboration with Faust, 'Outside the Dream Syndicate,' and his 'Amplified Drone Strings' concert continued as planned.


Autechre Makes Electronic Music for the Classically Minded >>

Experimental electronic music duo Autechre, composed of Mancunians Rob Brown and Sean Booth, make intelligent dance music for the discerning listener. Active since 1987, their extensive discography comprises artful compositions mirroring the scope of contemporary classical.

Hanging Violins

Josef Anton Riedl, German Musique Concrète Composer, Dies at Age 86 >>

German experimental composer, Josef Anton Riedl, has died at 86. Riedl, a student of Carl Orff and Edgard Varèse, was a pioneer in the electronic and musique concrète genres.

Andy Akiho

Composer Andy Akiho Uses Table Tennis Percussion in Concerto >>

Innovative composer Andy Akiho has upped the ante with his recent symphony, "Ricochet," an orchestral performance incorporating percussionists “playing” a ping pong table.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Nov 26, 2015 - The Academy /

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s ‘A Requiem for Meters’ Makes Use of Old Gas & Electric Meters >>

If there was ever a piece of music to describe as “electrifying”, British composer Gary Tarn’s "A Requiem for Meters" certainly seems to fit the bill. As part of a Smart Energy GB campaign to raise awareness of Great Britain’s new Smart Meters, the three-minute long piece utilizes old gas & electric meters, literally making them a part of the music.

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